Happy Weekend! September 10 2016

What a week its been…hope everyone got a chance to spend the three day weekend with family and friends! We took the opportunity to spend it with ours and closed the study for Monday, which meant hitting the ground running Tuesday and not looking back. Everyone in the studio has been working like crazy to get orders out to you!!! We are truly still so inspired by all of your support and love for KD.​​​​​​​

We are so excited about all the Rep applications that have been coming in and can’t wait to get the program started. We are brining on some more personnel with experience in this field to help with manage the process and execution of the program. More details and a formal introduction to follow!!!

Some more amazing fabrics hit your Facebook feed this week.

We still have some available for those of you that have been in decide mode, but don’t wait to long!!!! These fabrics will sell out soon.

We absolutely love to see all your posts in the group showing off your KD. PLEASE!!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

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Thanks so much for your support and continuing to #standoutforchange.

BE Blessed!



Thank You and More New Fabrics! September 04 2016

We had another great week of studio visit - thank you to all the ladies that came out! We love spending some one-on-one time with our clients especially when they turn into friends!

We also had a blast at our first KD Meet Up!
We can't wait to announce the next one in October! Be on the lookout for the invite in the Facebook group!

We wanted to thank you for being so patient while we complete the maintenance to our website. We are trying to make things a little bit more customer friendly on there so if you're looking for a specific style and you do not see it listed under our SHOP dropdown menu on the homepage you can either search the product name or click the KD Limited tab.

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You have all been loving our NEW fabrics and they are selling FAAAST! We'd love to hear which one has been your favorite thus far!

We sent a ton of orders on Friday as a kick-off to this long weekend! Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email or stalk the mailman whichever you prefer (lol).

We have also made our BIG announcement about our KD Rep program. This is a great opportunity to earn Kaiya Kash as well as some bonuses throughout the year! If you love KD and want to share in our love for giving back to the community plus building a team of KD insiders click the link provided to sign up. The first go-round is limited to a few Reps be sure to fill out the application before the date closes on 9/9/16.

Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will peak its head out at some point!

Thanks so much for your support and continuing to #standoutforchange.

BE Blessed!



Studio Days and Winner! August 27 2016

OMG ladies what an amazing week we’ve had at The Studio!!! We had the pleasure of meeting so many of you for the first time, and catching up with some familiar faces!!! We can’t tell you enough how much we love seeing each and every one of you. ​​​​​​​

You gals have been loving the NEW prints this week, some sold out within hours!!!! We still have a few yards available of some of them so be sure to snag them up while you still have the chance.

Don’t forget about our first KD Meet Up at Sacred Pepper this coming Thursday @6pm. Please let us know via the event tab in the group if you will be attending, and wear your favorite KD!!!!!

We are looking forward to mingling with you all!

Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner:
Congrats again to Amanda B. and Kara R. for winning our “half way there” prizes for our 4,000 member Kaiya Kash Giveaway!!!

We cannot wait to give out the big $$$ so keep adding those ladies!!!!!

As always there are still some Ready To Ship items available. Remember these items ship next business day!!! Talk about fast!!!

Business Partnership: If you are a local business or service provider we want to partner with you. Email for more information regarding our coupon book program we are launching soon. Several of you have already taken advantage of this opportunity and we can’t wait to roll it out.

Thanks so much for your support and continuing to #standoutforchange.

BE Blessed!



Happy Saturday! August 20 2016

School is back in!!!!!! Some of us couldn’t be happier and others are still drying the tears. It’s so interesting how these moments affect each of us differently…it makes us human!!! I sent my littles off to 4th grade and VPK, but I still get to snuggle Princess Sparkle Bottom all day long! I am going to soak up these alone moments with her as much as possible.

Now that all the back to school shenanigans are over, who’s ready for some mommy time?!?!?!

You’re in luck
because we have scheduled our first KD Meet Up for Thursday September 1st at 6pm at the fabulous Sacred Pepper in Carrollwood. Come join us for a night of mingling with all your fellow KD sisters. Meet face to face and just enjoy some us time! There is an event page set up in the group so be sure to let us know if you will be stopping by, and don’t forget to wear your favorite KD!!!!

The Vault: Please remember that the following styles will be headed to the Vault on August 31st. Be sure to snag them while you still can!!!

The exclusive fabrics have been selling out like crazy!!!! We’ve been having a lot of fun at the studio finding the perfect ones for you ladies. Here’s a look at what is still available.

As always don’t forget about our ready to ship items that ship next day!!!!!

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Thanks so much for your support and continuing to #standoutforchange.

BE Blessed!



Faith, Fitness, and Fashion August 07 2016

This week, we got a ton of love from our Faith and Fitness challenge! It's amazing how God is working in this group. Nudging women from Canada to New York and even all the way in beautiful Alaska and California!  

It's been an honor to start this adventure alongside all the women who have taken a step in faith and are on a mission to propel their #faithandfitness in this challenge! I know this will become the catalyst for amazing things to come for a lot of you.

On the fashion front, we introduced two new styles: Julie and Adriana. Both styles continue to follow in our philosophy of style that does not compromise comfort.  

I'm a firm believer that when we feel good in our clothes it shows. Fit is at the forefront of this methodology and you know how passionate I am about that. There is a huge number of women who wear the wrong fit and we have found that the ability for them to customize their KD clothes is helping eliminate the problem.

 We also introduced Limited Edition FriYays!! This will only be done on Fridays and it is where we introduce a print that will only be made into 7 pairs of pants. Ever! The print we introduced at our inaugural L.E.F sold out in less than two hours!!  Can't wait to show you next week's print!

Some are you are still heading out on vacation, and we still want to see your #kdtravel pictures so make sure you share with us your summer adventures! 

Thank you so much for your business and for being such KD advocates!

Now tell me, who is ready for back to school?  When do your kids go back?

BE Blessed!



Summer Inspiration: Prints & Color April 16 2014

Hello Lovely Peeps!

I have been a busy bee over here finishing up a few Summer designs.  I was inspired by my long California beach walks and the waves of the ocean crashing against the shore.  You see, I'm a Florida transplant but still a California girl at heart.  While Florida and California share in many similarities (warm weather, beautiful beaches, palm trees everywhere) the vibe is entirely different.  I tend to gravitate towards the whole California laid-back-yet-put-together vibe.  The ability to dress up a pair of pants with a flowy blouse while dressing-down the same pair with a tank and some flip flops.  Smooth, soft, vibrant, sheers fabrics...all speak California to me. What I love about both states is you can wear most of your wardrobe year-round.  You don't get that kind of luxury in New York or New Jersey, two other states I have lived in, who are still dealing with snow even this morning!

While perusing through Pinterest to get some color inspiration I came across these pictures. And let me just tell you...I fell in love with everything about these colors! They made me feel happy, relaxed, bold but most of all they made me dream of an exotic vacation!  There is nothing I love more than beautiful colors and hot vacation spots! I literally want to hop on a plane and soak in some sunshine at one of these exotic locations...or take a 30 minute drive and head to the beach.



My fabric collection has all those colors palettes. Some palette colors are all on one fabric, some are spread throughout various options. I also tend to buy fabrics that incorporate black.  My clients LOVE black!  They find they can pair my funky pants perfectly with black AND white for that matter.  So even though this is for my summer collection, black or shades of black will be found somewhere somehow in some of my fabrics. Why not, right? I mean everyone looks great in black...EVERYONE!

photo (27)

I also like to buy things with lots of prints.  I like convincing clients who are very intimidated by prints to go for it, live a little and try something new.  In doing so, most of my customers have opened up to new wardrobe ideas knowing the product will fit them well and they will feel comfortable yet look phenomenal!

I am stoked to share with you these new creations and hope you all love them as much as I love designing them.



Kaiya Designs Featured in a Tampa Bay Times Newspaper Column March 23 2014



We are so excited to announce that Kaiya Designs has been featured in the Tampa Bay Times.

Check out the article here:








Pattern Making Love October 29 2011

I have to admit, my FAVORITE part of making clothes is the actual designs/pattern-making part of it. Nothing like coming up with an idea, making the pattern and seeing it to fruition after all the pieces have been sewn together!

A few weeks ago, I gladly volunteered to make a dress for my daughter's Fall Festival. I was more than excited to do it, as I love her school and all the wonderful women that work there! I got to work on creating something new...something more in the direction that I envision future k.a.i-y.a designs. I decided to work on two dresses simultaneously (as I often tend to do), and I knew I wanted the skirts to be full....very, very full! So I completed them and decided on which one would be the more ideal to send out to the school. The red Christmas-esque one is the one I fell in love with. The other with the gorgeous damask print (that I have to admit, I've used plenty of times on other designs) that I tend to horde because I love it so much went to my model...a little something she got to use on our very last minute trip to NJ. My fabric collection continues to grow as my addiction doesn't subside.. I think I need to start plowing through my fabric-stash, because I keep forgetting about all the wonderful prints I currently have!

Size: 2T-Size 6

Size:12 Months-Size 5

And now, we sit basking in the sight of this beautiful afternoon...enjoying the snow plowing down on us! I just hope we're able to make it out tomorrow...duty calls, and school and work aren't going to wait :)

Happy Saturday, lovely peeps!


Snackbags, Ruffles & Headbands...OH MY! October 24 2011

I have LITERALLY been working my tail to the bone (I'm not sure why that expression is used, but I'm not going to kind of weirds me out)! I haven't stopped. I sleep less and less and still have a continuous serge of energy going on in my body (I've been trying to cut back on the Starsbucks too). I know WHEN I crash it's going to be I'm hoping it'll be waaaaay after school is out and preferably when I'm sitting in front of the ocean, sipping some seriously fruity high calorie cocktail while sunbathing somewhere hot and tropical :)

I have to admit, with all that's been going on and the amount of orders I've been getting it's been a little rough to stay connected. My girlfriend H - a neighbor and fellow sewer - always told me she make and makes and makes but NEVER has time to actually write about most of her stuff. This sort of bummed me out because I love reading her blog and reading about what she made and who she made it for. But now, I can totally relate to her and know what it's like to not have time to post everything you make on here. Sometimes having the time to snap a picture is a stretch. So I thought I'd post some pics of a few things I've made recently. Here they are...


The one thing I will talk about are my snackbags! These guys continue to sell like hot cakes! And I have to say Mother Nature better be appreciative of ME and the AWESOME peeps that are buying these! Just when I think I'm done making my last one, I tend to get another few orders and I get cranking away on those. But, the wonderful thing about making something over and over and over and over that my wheels start turning and I'm ALWAYS thinking about what I can do to make these look or function even better! Sewing on plastic/vinyl/oilcloth isn't the easiest by any means. The sewing machine usually doesn't feed it through as easily as a woven fabric. So, snackbags, although "small", can take the longest to make. I worked and worked to try and figure out the best way to have these bags continue to be functional, but maybe look more aesthetically clean and beautified? Well this is what I came up with!

I worked with my machine, figured out a few special tips and tricks and discovered a way to make the outer seams of the bags look CLEAN! I will admit, it's always been one of the things I didn't LOVE about them. I mean I guess I could have made them cotton on both the inside and outside. But I wanted them to be used for something more than a sandwich. What if you had fruit in there or something that would require them to not leak through? Vinyl, to me, was mandatory.

I have to say the very first one I made using the new design (pictured below) I wanted to make-out with. I mean seriously...look at the gorgeous, bohemian, bright hot!!! I am absolutely fascinated by these bags. My wheels contiue to turn, and I am pretty close to coming up with an even more functional and fantastic design. Stay tuned :)

These guys JUST shipped so I'm hoping when they get to their new homes...they'll love them as much as I do!!!


Headband Lovin' October 18 2011

I see headbands EVERYWHERE! Miss K and I love them, so I decided to start incorporating them into the accessory portion of the line. This one I made with cotton, tulle and felt. I used elastic to securely and comfortably hold the flower details. This elastic is durable, yet snug enough to not fall off their heads. I will be posting more in the next few stay tuned for an array of variations!




Sundays Are Indeed Fundays! October 16 2011

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. I don't know why really, I guess I feel like it summarizes my entire week, and it makes me happy! Some weeks are SO busy that I literally cannot wait for Sunday to come...only because in my mind it makes me feel like I have FINALLY made it!!

My Sundays typically start early. We get up, head out to 8:30 mass and continue our day from there. We usually don't end up back home until waaaay later but even so, I'm happy I get to have that day with my family and friends. The thing about Sundays despite starting off as typically busy is that there is a for-sure thing that happens EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY in the fall/winter at my house - we watch Football!!! When I say WE, I really mean...McHubs. Sometimes friends come over and we cookout and I partake on the whole "watching" thing. But for the most part when it's just us...I'm in my WOMANcave sewing, or crafting, or catching up with my girlfriends. The thing about sports and me is that 1. I don't love them, and 2. When I do watch, I get SUPER locked in on the game, find myself yelling at the T.V. and end up super frustrated with the team I'm rooting for that week (because it does change weekly) if they are losing! I'm not a jump-on-the-bandwagon type of sports watcher, but I will say...I don't like the teams my OTHER half likes. NOT AT ALL!! Which is probably my favorite part about watching his team lose with him! hehe :)

But Sundays are a FUNDAY...we love them, and because I'm such a fan, I thought a nice shirt to showcase my love would be cool!

How fun is this little outfit. Great for running errands or just lounging around doing simple, Sunday things. The weather, although still warm, is cooling down. So pants, capris, bermudas will be making their way onto Miss K's little body!! She surprisingly loved these pants....said they were way comfy, but she couldn't get enough of the shirt! She WUVED it!! Not to mention the adorable pom pom notion around the neck. Stay tuned peeps, next to lace, I think these pom-poms will be making their way onto many of my future designs. I just love how cute and fun they look!

The shirts can be customized with the colors of ANY NFL Football team you'd like, or I can keep it neutral for just a fun shirt to wear any time (like Miss K's)



A Little Batty Birthday October 08 2011

I love it when my girlfriends ask me to make them things...give me their vision, and in the end allow me to run with it! One of my girlfriends asked me last week to make her son a birthday shirt! So I went to town! I'm not big on boy shirts having strange appliques on them, I usually like a little more detail and spend some time on my boy stuff! Boys in my opinion get gypped when it comes to clothes, so what I try and do is add a little more love to their stuff only because they have limited options! So I took this opportunity to add a little extra love to this little man's shirt and I think it came out super cute!! However, my friend picked up the shirt before I could photograph it and texted me that her OTHER son loved the shirt SO much he wanted one for HIS birthday....I figured, since I had the materials out already...I'd just whip one up! These boys are seriously adorable...not to mention that the one I made this particular shirt for is Miss K's buddy!! So it was even more fun!!

I made this shirt using Batman fabric and will be making it with other superhero fabric as well! I embroidered their name on the main fabric as well as their age on the bat. The Batman logo is two separate pieces sewn individually to each other. All material are 100% cotton! I love the contrast of the color of the shirt...makes it look sort of vintage and worn :) However, the color of the shirt might vary for future shirts.

Now these two boys are ready to go fight some baddies!



The "Mini" Photo Shoot September 30 2011

I'm so excited to reveal what I have been working on for a few weeks now!! I hope you enjoy my "mini" models and ALL of their adorableness!

All these kids are Miss K's best buddies...they go to school together, and really could NEVER get enough of each other! All of their parents are pretty much awesome and we just have a blast when we hang out! So it was only obvious that I chose them to be in this particular photo shoot! I would have liked to have included more of her friends, but I didn't have enough time to get everyone together...on top of design, sew and photograph all of the outfits!

I'll have to give serious props to ALL of these kids...they were AMAZING during this shoot! Smiled, listened and believe it or not seemed to have an all-around good time!! It was my first time taking pictures of multiple little ones with my new camera...and I have decided I really need some lessons! I wonder if this amazing photographer offers any lessons??

So here you have Halloween collections. I'm enamored by it, and plan on using some of these designs for the future holiday collections I have coming out soon! So without further ado here you have it...all the ADORABLE kids (and a VERY special and seriously HOT mommy thrown in there for good luck) and their Halloween gear :)

I love October, all these outfits could be easily rotated throughout the month and even for use in later months. Why not, right?? Who EVER said that ORANGE and BLACK were strictly for Halloween...not me! 


Halloween Collection Details September 30 2011

This skirt is made with two coordinating 100% cotton fabrics. I used the orange polka dot fabric to give it a fun pop of color while at the same time, not making it look too Halloweenish. I also embellished the hem with some nice, dainty soft lace (my favorite). I used double elastic on the waist for a more sheered look throughout the waistline...and a little more fullness.

The shirt is simple, soft and cotton. I embellished the neck with the same soft, dainty lace I used for the skirt's hem.

Now this skirt, I LOVE! I took varying strips of 100% cotton fabric (most of which I used on the other outfits I made), serged the edges and ruffled each one individually. I used some ruffled tulle on the bottom hem to give it some texture as well as a bit more color! I then placed it on top of a soft 100% cotton layer. This skirt was the most fun to make, and I really can't wait to make it for future holidays!!!

I used the same simple shirt from the other outfit, and I think it coordinates quiet well. The skirt is so fun, funky and ruffled up that it doesn't need anything on the top to deter you from its uniqueness. I love how they both coordinate.



It's All About Functionality September 29 2011

Last year, I made Miss K a dress for Halloween! I was always a little hesitant about making anything look too "holidayish." Needless to say, the dress was black and orange and I made it a point to rotate it into her repertoire throughout the month of October. Funny thing is, I caught the Mr. dressing her for school in the same dress WELLLLL after October, and it still looked VERY cute. I guess when it comes to orange, for the most part it can be a color that is represented in the month of November (for Thanksgiving) as well!

I got to thinking that dressing your kids in Holiday gear is WAY too fun to have to pass up, simply because you are concerned about making the investment on something they'll only wear a few weeks out of the year! The other night, after I went for my walk with my VCC neighbors I started thinking of a way to get the ol' reliable pillowcase dress to serve even more of its multifunctional purposes. As I mentioned in a previous post, pillowcase dresses are a very popular sell for me, especially during the holidays. They are one of the things that kids can wear for a LONG time...they look great with leggings, jeans and even with a cardigan when they are outgrown as a dress...or even when the weather cools down. Those two reasons alone made me want to explore further how I could make these dresses even MORE multifunctional! And...voila! I decided to make them reversible!! Having two dresses in one, that could be worn for more than just a special occasions/holidays! but there is more....why not offer an array of different straps to go with them?? Some you could easily switch out and REALLY give your pillowcase dress a serious make over?!?! Well this is what I came up with...the reversible/interchangeable strap pillowcase dress! I will sell the straps seperately and you can pick and choose based on color combinations! I mean in the end it's about getting good solid use of your kid's clothes...they already grow like weeds, but how great is it that now you can use and reuse and switch it up a bit! I've already come up with several ideas for this concept, now i'm just working on the execution...stay tuned. In the meantime, here is the latest and greatest! I will be including pictures of this dress with different straps in a future post (sorry it's been a very busy week and I was short for time) so you can appreciate its versatility a little better. The best part is, you can also change the look by the straps you choose - either one long strap or two shorter ones (as pictured in my previous pillowcase post) you tie on each side. Really, your options are endless. 

So this was my "Halloween" version of the dress! I tried it with different fabric for the strap and it looks ADORABLE, it really does give it a different look, a look that isn't Halloweenish at all!

This dress was made with three different 100% cotton designer fabrics. However, I will be using different combinations for this dress in future designs.


The Holidays Are Coming September 07 2011

Ok, senioritis couldn't have hit me smack in the face any more than it already has. I guess it's because I had such a FUN summer, or maybe it's because I'm taking 5 classes and 2 labs...hmmm...??? Well I wish I had all the time in the world to sew and blog and enjoy the rain, but the truth is I don't!

Time management has been essential and trying to get through all these orders has been a priority. Let's just say Starbucks is becoming my BFF at around 5PM. I love me some dirty nonfat chai lattes...double dirty (cause I like my chais how I like my martinis:)

I know I promised a boy outfit, but I'm going to have to hold off for now. I didn't want to leave you totally hanging though. Let's just say that the holidays have hit home! Wow, I love how much people are into dressing up their kids for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas....and let me tell you some people are awesome and very proactive about getting these outfits out of the way! I mean seriously Christmas orders already??? Yeap, unlike me some people are pretty amazing and take Christmas card photos in OCTOBER!! I didn't even send out Christmas cards last year...yeah I know, I'm super lame!
So here is a little sneak peek at what I made for this awesome mama and her ADORABLE girls!!

I can't wait to see how the Christmas card comes out. Stay tuned for the boy outfit that would compliment this look if you happen to have a boy and a girl :) No worries, outfits for Halloween are is a little look-a-roo at some Halloween goodness!

Ice Cream Scoop Skirt & Silhouette Shirt

**because holiday orders are coming in at a rapid pace, please make sure you place your orders as quickly as possible so I can ensure you get your orders with ample time** thanks


The Dainty Lace Dress August 29 2011

So I have a parenting confession to make :/ I've been keeping Miss K off the blog because she's sort of been on a "dress time-out." Yeah, I know I'm mean, but she was acting up and I knew the ONLY thing that would get her to stop would be taking away ALL of her dresses...for TWO weeks! Yeah she's been TOTALLY cut off for that long, and let me tell you it has huuuuurt! It hasn't only hurt her, but it's hurt me too (if it's any consolation). For one, I haven't been able to post anything with her in a dress but now I have to play catch-up with my post.

This little number is a light flowy cotton dress with a multi tier white lace sleeve. It's very comfortable and dainty looking. This is one of her favorite dresses...made it a little while back, and it represents the last of the dresses I had archived. I'll be introducing some fresh new looks soon.

Doesn't she look stoked to be back wearing what she LOVES the most?! I'm just happy I figured out what will work from here on out when she's acting up :) I know, I know mother of the year...don't judge!


Birthday Requests August 28 2011

I just needed to post these pictures! I know my cousin isn't going to be too happy because I was supposed to wait to get the pictures of the kids with their new outfits taken the day of the party...but what the heck! I don't think they could be ANY cuter!

I recognize that the pants/cargos are a little funky, trust me! But, I hear so many complaints from mothers of boys saying that boys don't get anything cute...that it's all the SAME stuff!! I say try funky...get out of your comfort zone and just put something different on your boy.

I mean seriously, how FREAKIN' cute are these two kids?!?!? I think bowties are in and least if I have anything to do about it!! Stay tuned for a NEW boy funky outfit hitting the blog this week. In the meantime, please enjoy these little cuties. Too bad they live 3,000 miles away because I would LITERALLY smother them in kisses!