Summer Inspiration: Prints & Color April 16 2014

Hello Lovely Peeps!

I have been a busy bee over here finishing up a few Summer designs.  I was inspired by my long California beach walks and the waves of the ocean crashing against the shore.  You see, I'm a Florida transplant but still a California girl at heart.  While Florida and California share in many similarities (warm weather, beautiful beaches, palm trees everywhere) the vibe is entirely different.  I tend to gravitate towards the whole California laid-back-yet-put-together vibe.  The ability to dress up a pair of pants with a flowy blouse while dressing-down the same pair with a tank and some flip flops.  Smooth, soft, vibrant, sheers fabrics...all speak California to me. What I love about both states is you can wear most of your wardrobe year-round.  You don't get that kind of luxury in New York or New Jersey, two other states I have lived in, who are still dealing with snow even this morning!

While perusing through Pinterest to get some color inspiration I came across these pictures. And let me just tell you...I fell in love with everything about these colors! They made me feel happy, relaxed, bold but most of all they made me dream of an exotic vacation!  There is nothing I love more than beautiful colors and hot vacation spots! I literally want to hop on a plane and soak in some sunshine at one of these exotic locations...or take a 30 minute drive and head to the beach.



My fabric collection has all those colors palettes. Some palette colors are all on one fabric, some are spread throughout various options. I also tend to buy fabrics that incorporate black.  My clients LOVE black!  They find they can pair my funky pants perfectly with black AND white for that matter.  So even though this is for my summer collection, black or shades of black will be found somewhere somehow in some of my fabrics. Why not, right? I mean everyone looks great in black...EVERYONE!

photo (27)

I also like to buy things with lots of prints.  I like convincing clients who are very intimidated by prints to go for it, live a little and try something new.  In doing so, most of my customers have opened up to new wardrobe ideas knowing the product will fit them well and they will feel comfortable yet look phenomenal!

I am stoked to share with you these new creations and hope you all love them as much as I love designing them.