Halloween Collection Details September 30 2011

This skirt is made with two coordinating 100% cotton fabrics. I used the orange polka dot fabric to give it a fun pop of color while at the same time, not making it look too Halloweenish. I also embellished the hem with some nice, dainty soft lace (my favorite). I used double elastic on the waist for a more sheered look throughout the waistline...and a little more fullness.

The shirt is simple, soft and cotton. I embellished the neck with the same soft, dainty lace I used for the skirt's hem.

Now this skirt, I LOVE! I took varying strips of 100% cotton fabric (most of which I used on the other outfits I made), serged the edges and ruffled each one individually. I used some ruffled tulle on the bottom hem to give it some texture as well as a bit more color! I then placed it on top of a soft 100% cotton layer. This skirt was the most fun to make, and I really can't wait to make it for future holidays!!!

I used the same simple shirt from the other outfit, and I think it coordinates quiet well. The skirt is so fun, funky and ruffled up that it doesn't need anything on the top to deter you from its uniqueness. I love how they both coordinate.