The "Mini" Photo Shoot September 30 2011

I'm so excited to reveal what I have been working on for a few weeks now!! I hope you enjoy my "mini" models and ALL of their adorableness!

All these kids are Miss K's best buddies...they go to school together, and really could NEVER get enough of each other! All of their parents are pretty much awesome and we just have a blast when we hang out! So it was only obvious that I chose them to be in this particular photo shoot! I would have liked to have included more of her friends, but I didn't have enough time to get everyone together...on top of design, sew and photograph all of the outfits!

I'll have to give serious props to ALL of these kids...they were AMAZING during this shoot! Smiled, listened and believe it or not seemed to have an all-around good time!! It was my first time taking pictures of multiple little ones with my new camera...and I have decided I really need some lessons! I wonder if this amazing photographer offers any lessons??

So here you have Halloween collections. I'm enamored by it, and plan on using some of these designs for the future holiday collections I have coming out soon! So without further ado here you have it...all the ADORABLE kids (and a VERY special and seriously HOT mommy thrown in there for good luck) and their Halloween gear :)

I love October, all these outfits could be easily rotated throughout the month and even for use in later months. Why not, right?? Who EVER said that ORANGE and BLACK were strictly for Halloween...not me!