It's All About Functionality September 29 2011

Last year, I made Miss K a dress for Halloween! I was always a little hesitant about making anything look too "holidayish." Needless to say, the dress was black and orange and I made it a point to rotate it into her repertoire throughout the month of October. Funny thing is, I caught the Mr. dressing her for school in the same dress WELLLLL after October, and it still looked VERY cute. I guess when it comes to orange, for the most part it can be a color that is represented in the month of November (for Thanksgiving) as well!

I got to thinking that dressing your kids in Holiday gear is WAY too fun to have to pass up, simply because you are concerned about making the investment on something they'll only wear a few weeks out of the year! The other night, after I went for my walk with my VCC neighbors I started thinking of a way to get the ol' reliable pillowcase dress to serve even more of its multifunctional purposes. As I mentioned in a previous post, pillowcase dresses are a very popular sell for me, especially during the holidays. They are one of the things that kids can wear for a LONG time...they look great with leggings, jeans and even with a cardigan when they are outgrown as a dress...or even when the weather cools down. Those two reasons alone made me want to explore further how I could make these dresses even MORE multifunctional! And...voila! I decided to make them reversible!! Having two dresses in one, that could be worn for more than just a special occasions/holidays! but there is more....why not offer an array of different straps to go with them?? Some you could easily switch out and REALLY give your pillowcase dress a serious make over?!?! Well this is what I came up with...the reversible/interchangeable strap pillowcase dress! I will sell the straps seperately and you can pick and choose based on color combinations! I mean in the end it's about getting good solid use of your kid's clothes...they already grow like weeds, but how great is it that now you can use and reuse and switch it up a bit! I've already come up with several ideas for this concept, now i'm just working on the execution...stay tuned. In the meantime, here is the latest and greatest! I will be including pictures of this dress with different straps in a future post (sorry it's been a very busy week and I was short for time) so you can appreciate its versatility a little better. The best part is, you can also change the look by the straps you choose - either one long strap or two shorter ones (as pictured in my previous pillowcase post) you tie on each side. Really, your options are endless. 

So this was my "Halloween" version of the dress! I tried it with different fabric for the strap and it looks ADORABLE, it really does give it a different look, a look that isn't Halloweenish at all!

This dress was made with three different 100% cotton designer fabrics. However, I will be using different combinations for this dress in future designs.