The Holidays Are Coming September 07 2011

Ok, senioritis couldn't have hit me smack in the face any more than it already has. I guess it's because I had such a FUN summer, or maybe it's because I'm taking 5 classes and 2 labs...hmmm...??? Well I wish I had all the time in the world to sew and blog and enjoy the rain, but the truth is I don't!

Time management has been essential and trying to get through all these orders has been a priority. Let's just say Starbucks is becoming my BFF at around 5PM. I love me some dirty nonfat chai lattes...double dirty (cause I like my chais how I like my martinis:)

I know I promised a boy outfit, but I'm going to have to hold off for now. I didn't want to leave you totally hanging though. Let's just say that the holidays have hit home! Wow, I love how much people are into dressing up their kids for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas....and let me tell you some people are awesome and very proactive about getting these outfits out of the way! I mean seriously Christmas orders already??? Yeap, unlike me some people are pretty amazing and take Christmas card photos in OCTOBER!! I didn't even send out Christmas cards last year...yeah I know, I'm super lame!
So here is a little sneak peek at what I made for this awesome mama and her ADORABLE girls!!

I can't wait to see how the Christmas card comes out. Stay tuned for the boy outfit that would compliment this look if you happen to have a boy and a girl :) No worries, outfits for Halloween are is a little look-a-roo at some Halloween goodness!

Ice Cream Scoop Skirt & Silhouette Shirt

**because holiday orders are coming in at a rapid pace, please make sure you place your orders as quickly as possible so I can ensure you get your orders with ample time** thanks