The Dainty Lace Dress August 29 2011

So I have a parenting confession to make :/ I've been keeping Miss K off the blog because she's sort of been on a "dress time-out." Yeah, I know I'm mean, but she was acting up and I knew the ONLY thing that would get her to stop would be taking away ALL of her dresses...for TWO weeks! Yeah she's been TOTALLY cut off for that long, and let me tell you it has huuuuurt! It hasn't only hurt her, but it's hurt me too (if it's any consolation). For one, I haven't been able to post anything with her in a dress but now I have to play catch-up with my post.

This little number is a light flowy cotton dress with a multi tier white lace sleeve. It's very comfortable and dainty looking. This is one of her favorite dresses...made it a little while back, and it represents the last of the dresses I had archived. I'll be introducing some fresh new looks soon.

Doesn't she look stoked to be back wearing what she LOVES the most?! I'm just happy I figured out what will work from here on out when she's acting up :) I know, I know mother of the year...don't judge!