Birthday Requests August 28 2011

I just needed to post these pictures! I know my cousin isn't going to be too happy because I was supposed to wait to get the pictures of the kids with their new outfits taken the day of the party...but what the heck! I don't think they could be ANY cuter!

I recognize that the pants/cargos are a little funky, trust me! But, I hear so many complaints from mothers of boys saying that boys don't get anything cute...that it's all the SAME stuff!! I say try funky...get out of your comfort zone and just put something different on your boy.

I mean seriously, how FREAKIN' cute are these two kids?!?!? I think bowties are in and least if I have anything to do about it!! Stay tuned for a NEW boy funky outfit hitting the blog this week. In the meantime, please enjoy these little cuties. Too bad they live 3,000 miles away because I would LITERALLY smother them in kisses!