The Prepping Game! April 14 2014

Howdy Peeps!

This weekend was filled with relaxation followed by rapid preparation.  I know, kind of confusing right? Well this is the thing, I vowed to relax and enjoy the kids on Saturday, well all weekend really.  Playing UNO, lounging by the pool, doing a little swimming…just some good ol’ fashioned family-fun! While the kids swam with Dad this momma chillaxed outside and took a nap.  You know when the Masters (or any golf for that matter) is on TV at my house, a nap is gonna happen. Nothing makes me fall asleep quicker than golf does.  No offense to the sport, seriously. I blame it on the lack of verbal excitement.  These guys could literally be kicking some a$@ out there and you wouldn’t know…the announcers' voices are so smooth and quiet they rock you to sleep. Ok, they rock ME to sleep. Either way, this momma admittedly napped and trust me, I needed it! I have been waking up almost every single morning at 4 am (after falling asleep past midnight), and if you know me, you know that once my sleep gets interrupted it is O V E R! So that little snooze felt pretty much ahmazing!! photo (25)Lets just say, I woke up happy, productive and eager to get myself/family organized so that I can enjoy more moments with my littles.  It’s crazy how resetting my clock and feeling renewed and refreshed can do that to me.  I will admit, once the kids went to bed I stayed up and worked.  There are so many aspects of my business (any business when you are self-employed really) that have to get done on a daily basis.  I am not quite at the point just yet where I could put my work on hold 100% on the weekends because if I do, I will fall behind.  So, I worked and prepared myself for the next day and fell asleep prepared and ready to tackle the next day and week ahead.

Sunday we dubbed preparation day. Whether it would be by preparing food or for work it would get done and good to go on Sundays from here on out. I will gladly post all my recipes for you all to have. Who knows, it might help you better plan for your week ahead so you too wont feel like you are drowning on certain days.

photo 1 (9)

I have to say, since going Paleo my time spent in the kitchen is long and exhausting. There are no convenience foods in Paleo.  You have to make snacks and all meals from scratch. Not exactly easy when you have a full-time job and two very hungry kids.  There are days when I feel like I have spent my entire day in the kitchen. Not only cooking, but cleaning for hours (nothing frustrates me more than a dirty kitchen/home). I decided that in order to make my life 110% easier I would get back on my schedule of prepping for my week on Sunday. Weekly groceries and menus would get done, the food would be made and things would start to run in an orderly fashion. I figured if If I just whip up the waffles, muffins, breads and pancakes for the week I would save myself a TON of time every other day of the week. This is time I can concentrate entirely on hanging with the kids or getting work done for that day.

photo 5 (8)

So for me, the baking frenzy is going to be the way to go on Sundays. I will admit, I don’t love to bake.  I am very impatient about it.  For one, when I cook I don’t measure or calculate. I eyeball everything.  Even when recipes call for specific measurements I typically do my own thing.  For those of you who are baking aficionados you know this doesn’t exactly work here.  So for me baking is a huge chore.

My weekly menu planning is an excellent way to take the guess work out of dinner and save some money on groceries every week.  As you can see, I got elaborate on the chalkboard so if by chance McHubs can tackle dinner on a busy workday for me he knows what the plan is.  He knows where the recipe is coming from and he can totally throw me a bone.

photo 3 (8)

It makes me happy to know I am fully prepared for this new week. I am excited to tackle it knowing that this girl has a plan.  The wonders of what getting a little rest can do for you. Sleeping is the essence of health and is essential to be the most productive and clear-minded.  That’s what I firmly believe at least. I hope you had a blessed weekend and got a chance to reset, renew and rejoice in the moments with your loved ones. I know, I sure did.

Til’ next time.