Getting Back in The Groove. March 25 2015

It's late March and we decided to start another Whole30. Life has taken over and I have been immersed in work for months now. I'll admit, I'm a total all or nothing person so when I make up my mind I go full throttle and most of the time it includes encouraging (making) all those around me join in on the fun (torture :) ), including the kids. This means - I don't typically wait until Mondays or the beginning of a month to start anything.  I just do it right away. I hate doing things half-assed and I despise when I feel my body isn't performing at 110% which is the way I've been feeling it was time to take the plunge to embark on my 3rd Whole30.  

For those not familiar with what a Whole30 is, please check out the amazing Whole30 site.  In layman's terms, this is a way to hit the reset button on your body.  It's a 30 day whole foods-eating plan nixing things such as sugar, processed foods, dairy, legumes, beans, grains and processed oils. Now, I typically eat this way but I have allowed myself to eat a little too many paleo-fied potato chips, gluten free pizzas, enjoy life chocolate chips and at times drink a little more alcohol than I'd like to admit. Lets just say I haven't eaten as clean as I'd like and my body was starting to give me signs it was time to hit that reset button.

Whole30s are not difficult if you follow a clean eating plan already.  However, if you eat a typical American diet this plan can be killer - but let me tell you one thing: you'll be glad you did it when you finish! Since we changed our eating lifestyle 2 years ago I have encouraged many people to try both a Whole30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox.  I have to say, not one person I encouraged through these programs have ended their program hating me for encouraging them! They have lost weight and inches, gained confidence, annihilated their cravings and reset their bodies and their taste buds. Some have cured illnesses they couldn't get rid of - some have even completed both programs multiple times and have reaped many heath benefits from sticking to the lifestyle.  Either way it's not necessary to apply this lifestyle 100% of the time (after the 30 days)- there is no sense in feeling deprived. That won't encourage anyone to stick to it - because that's no fun!  I however choose not to eat foods that don't make me feel great after eating them and trust me I've done lots of test runs on those foods and each time the end result isn't pretty. I don't eat gluten, beans, legumes or processed pre-packaged foods. Life is about moderation and listening to your bodies, I have learned to understand which foods my body needs me to stay away from and if you know me - you'll know I'm pretty strict about sticking to that.  I just don't like feeling tired after a meal or having a gluten baby (side affect of eating gluten and having your stomach swell making you look like you are 6 months preggos) for days on end.
If you need some food inspiration here are a few recipes I made this week: Breakfast Turkey Frittata and Chicken Fajitas Cabbage Salad. 

On top of the Whole30 I plan on working out a few days a week with Yoga in the mix as well.  I have been so busy with work that I've allowed myself to neglected this little aspect as well - and I'm craving some serious butt-whooping workouts!

Are you all familiar with these programs or follow a killer workout routine you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear from you! If you need recipe planning ideas follow my Whole30 board on Pinterest or check out Stupid Easy Paleo for some recipe ideas. 

Stay Healthy, Love Life & Honor Your Bodies.