What Challenges You?!?!? June 13 2017

I'm here to share a story with you about a girl with an insane innate drive for work. 

I can't explain where and how it came about - it just did. It comes natural, it excites me and it pushes me through the hardest days most times.

However what drives me daily can also push me over the edge and exhaust every molecule in my body. Often times I don't realize it until I'm on the brink. Creatives that enjoy work are a force to be reckoned with...but at the same time can be left depleted.

What challenges me? Slowing down. Savoring the moment. Intentional reset days where time is spent looking at little faces that are growing far too quick. Where time well spent with my husband fuels me. As much as I hate to admit this - those moments challenge me.


But, when all is said and done those are the very moments that get me through the overwhelm and I can continue to do.

I am blessed to have a life where hitting the reset button can happen unbeknownst to me. God knows what I need, when I need it and even during days, weeks, months where the journey seems unclear He always discloses His purpose - in His time.

I learned to stop questioning the process and instead allowed Him to work through me however He sees fit. Ultimately, at the end of the day when it is all said and done and the day is over and I can reflect - He leads me to green pastures.  Even when those pastures are full of ugly cries, explosive diapers and sassy 10 year olds. 

What challenges you? What area of your life do you find could use a little extra attention?

Leave me a comment, I would love to know what areas of your life are most challenged at.

~shine your light

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A To-Do List You'll Want to Start Applying! October 09 2016

I've realized my life has been a bit out of whack lately. When taking a deep assessment of why that could be I came to the realization I wasn't putting Jesus first in my mornings. Having a relatively "new" baby makes waking up before anyone else a little difficult considering night feedings have the tendency to rev-up my thoughts and I have a hard time going to sleep!  

During one of those late-night feedings I came across this awesome to-do list! I found it got me back into reading my Bible. Praying more often and give God the very first of my mornings!

(For more cool to-do list head on over to

What do your mornings look like? I would love to hear about your routines.

Be Blessed!



I Lift You Up Today! September 24 2016

Today, I wanted to take a minute to just pray for you guys. I’m not sure you all know this but more often than not I find myself praying over you. Those of you I know by name I pray specifically for you and those I only know from the group but haven’t met I pray for as well.

Today I realized, after starting my morning off on a not-so-perfect note, I prayed as I was driving to studio that God would give me peace in the midst of life's chaos. I found myself, shortly after getting in my car, in a room filled with amazing women, that were enjoying their Saturday morning and were happy to spend some time not only shopping but mostly with each other. And it put into perspective how much we need our “squad” and how community with others truly brings the best out of us.

Today’s prayer is for your souls to be lifted during times of less than perfect moments and that God grants you the grace and wisdom to know having a not so great moment makes you human, not a terrible person. I pray God refreshes you today (refresh was a word spoken to me yesterday and I’m praying that over myself as well) with his living water and cleanses your spirit of anything that could be weighing on you in this very moment.
I pray for your health, your family’s health, and your safety. I pray that if there is any ailment in your body or in your mind that God cleanses it with his holy hands and removes it completely from your being. I pray God guides you today to make the right choices to show immense grace and to live this moment with love for others even when you might not feel they deserve it. I learned that loving even with it’s hard is essentially what Jesus wants from us every. single. day. So love others through their moods, through their quirks, through their flaws. I pray immense blessings and provision in your life and that God speaks to you so clearly when answering your prayers you know it’s HIM without a doubt.

Thank you for blessing me with your love and support. You are all blessings to me and I thank you for sticking around this crazy rollercoaster ride that this last year has been.

I pray you all have an amazing fun filled weekend.
BE Blessed!

What NOT to do to your wife after 7 years! August 27 2014

I never blogged about this, but let me just tell you I have discovered two things in the last 4 months. 1. How to get your wife (myself) out of a ... I don' t know if the right word is stress-funk and 2. How to get her back into it. I'll explain all of this in a minute.

So back in late May my husband had talked about going on his annual Chicago business trip. Which means he'll be gone for 3 or more days and it's ALWAYS over the course of a weekend. Now, he had mentioned this trip to me months before, but me being so used to him being on a plane just - admittedly not paid attention.

Lets fast-forward to the week before his trip. I am SWAAAMPED! Like, pulling my hair - orders flying out of here as quickly as they come in swamped! Last couple of weeks of school, piano/spanish lessons, running around kind-of-swamped...and I am not going to lie, within seconds of losing it. So at dinner one night McHubs mentions his upcoming trip to Chicago and I immediately blurted out "I'm going with you!" (I very much think it was the stress talking). I think I vaguely remember my mom, my kids and my husband looking at me like deers in the headlights after those words exited my mouth; but at that moment in time I did not care....the words came with ease. Ok, while that might be a "ok, so what" kind of thing for most normal people...I'm not sure if you know I'm NOT normal. Not normal in the sense that me saying I'm going on an airplane, with my husbands, sans kids and LEAVING them for a weekend - yeah that is NOT normal for me. It's SO not normal that I haven't done that EVER in the whole time I've been a mom. The thought of the whole airplane ride with no kids and just the husband literally sent me into anxiety mode and I just couldn't do it. So he of course (after the initial shock that those words would exit my mouth) jumps on board and is totally gun-ho about me going with him.

We figured out the logistics, I got over the overwhelming anxiety of leaving the kids and booked the trip. I was heading to Chi-Town with my boo! Sayonara kiddies! But wait...there's more. While at the airport, I thought it would be a good idea to have a preflight shot of tequila on an empty stomach while knowing we had been upgraded to first class. Yeah, lets just say the flight there wasn't "ideal" - this mama clearly can't handle alcohol like she used to on a flight. So, my husband wanted to dump me off the plane somewhere between Tallahassee and Atlanta. We finally made it to Chicago and we had a BLAST! The first morning I was already trying to fanagle myself onto his next business trip. Despite him working the whole time, I got to explore a city without diapers, feedings, and tantrums and IT ROCKED! I am in love with all things Chicago. But mostly the food! We ate, we drank and we (I) relaxed.

Oh and if you were wondering how to get your wife back in the stress funk...get her back to work, back to stinky diapers and constant cooking. While, I loved being back with the kids...I now know I needed the mental break. It was great spending time alone with my man, and spending time mostly alone with myself.

Now, who's up for a girls weekend away??


The Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer August 25 2014

So summer has finally come to and end, at least for this crew. My oldest started second grade last week. It's really hard to believe that 7.5 years have already gone by since I gave birth and my once-little girl isn't so little anymore. Totally bums me out to think that in the blink of an eye she will be off to high school (ok, lets not get ahead of ourselves).

Summer was quick. It literally felt like one minute we were thinking it would last forever (probably at the 1.5 month-in mark), and the next minute we were back-to-school shopping. Either way, despite it being busy we had a great time. We traveled, we lounged and yes, I admittedly despite telling myself I wasn't going to I WORKED - it's not a bad thing, it just happened for far more hours in a week than I would have liked. Either way, I know the littles had their GREAT days and their not-so-great-days.

I think the fam could agree that visiting family in NJ was a blast! We got to spend time outdoors, we ventured into NYC for a few nights and I even got to meet with fabric vendors and source product. I mean, it really doesn't get better than that. Going on our annual beach vacay came in at a close second as well.

Summer is no longer here and the bustle of routine has started. But, routine makes me happy. It puts me in a groove and it helps me get shit done!

So goodbye summer, until next year...

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The Small Things...After Kids. April 08 2014

Isn't it funny that when you're little/young you never EVER notice the little things. I mean who wants to take a nap when they're 7 or who wants to sleep in or read a book on the couch all. day. long?? Not any 7 year old I know, and definitely not mine, that's for sure. Those are the small things when you're 33.  The little luxuries that just don't happen when kids come into your lives and completely take over.  Best full-blown infiltration nonetheless.

photo (23)

As an adult, I yearn for those small things...daydream about them actually.  Every single weekend when I'm woken up waaaaay too early I wish how badly I could sleep in until 9:30...10...11.  Yeah, that doesn't even happen when you're on vacation.  Sad part about it, it probably wouldn't even happen if the kids WEREN'T on vacation with me.  It's funny how that happens.  It's like your circadian rhythms like to screw you out of sleeping in when you actually can.  Like, the ONLY time on the face of the Earth when that extra half-hour would make your day just gets completely jacked by the idea that your kids are going to come storming in asking for breakfast at the buttcrack-of-dawn!  And they're not even with you.  

Don't get me wrong, on the rare occasion an extra half hour of sleep is handed to me or breakfast is prepared by McHubs for the kids as I sit in bed and drink my morning coffee I am pretty much in heaven. Top that with the 5 minutes I sneak in the car when one of the kids falls asleep to sit in silence as I reply to emails, make a phone call or search The Google it's like Christmas came spontaneously. The small things.

As an adult, I no longer take the small things for granted.  I enjoy watching my son dive head first into a patch of strawberries and eat them straight from the ground. I love watching Kaiya's chocolate face as she enjoy a special chocolate fountain treat. Having Kaiya enjoy her dad for a week on Spring Break while we all venture out and go watch a Yankees Spring Training game. The small things.

I love those moments, listening to Max say new words and enjoying the laughter he and Kaiya share as brother and sister.  Before we know it, they're going to rather hang with their friends, be off to college, married and hopefully with LOTS of kids.  They'll one day appreciate those moments themselves and I cannot wait to partake in them with a totally new meaning and appreciation for them. The small a botoxed old lady.  Just kidding...sort of.




Holiday Traditions November 01 2011

I have to admit that growing up, I didn't come from a family with many traditions. I mean, yeah we had the basic gatherings and celebrations; but really most Colombians I know don't tend to have them.

On the other hand, McHubs grew up with TONS of traditions that I absolutely being making cookies during the holiday season. I started this tradition with my family and I have to say we're HUGE fans!! With K's allergies we have to find a creative alternative to those dairy-filled cookies so scoring vegan chocolate chips was really the highlight of our year!! Thank goodness for vegans, or my daughter would be seriously deprived. In this house, we also do a ton of cooking and entertaining, and my daughter like most other kids I know LOVES to get in on the cooking action! Aprons are essential when prepping said meals...especially when I have a sidekick under the age of 5 who is as messy as her momma in the kitchen :) These aprons are adorable and perfectly fitted to your little one's body. I can make this in an array of fabrics and characters. In fact, I'm working on the superhero and princess versions of these aprons right now for gifts or other occasions :) Since traditions usually involve all members of the family I made the mom version of this apron, high neck and ruffled perfect for keeping your tops clear of any food :)

Size Kids: Small-Large
Cost: $15


Size Moms: Small-Large
Cost: $18


Sets: Sibling Set
Cost: $28


Sets: Mom/Brother/Sister
Cost: $40


**Please note, that several different Christmas fabrics will be used on these aprons**

Last year, I also started a new tradition with my family...matching Christmas PJs! These things were a HUGE hit and we loved waking up wearing our super comfy pjs and opening all our Christmas swag :) I'm enamored by this tradition as I was able to include both my mom and little brother! I'm already working on the 2011 version of our Christmas jammies! I have an array of fabrics you can choose from and will be happy to make the mom/dad version of these as well.

Here is a little sneak-peek at what this year's jammies will look like. Kaiya modeled this order for me and it was seriously difficult to get her to take them of...she loves how comfy they are!

I will post more fabric options later.

Please email me directly with any specific fabric and size request for these PJs. For adults I make XS, S, M, L, XL.

Size: Infants-Adult XL
Cost: $25 for Kids Size Set (Shirt and Pants) **Please use infants, 12 months, 2T...etc size specification when ordering the kids PJ set.


$30 for Adult Size Set (Shirt and Pants)


**Please email me directly for special pricing on orders needing more than 3 PJ sets**