What NOT to do to your wife after 7 years! August 27 2014

I never blogged about this, but let me just tell you I have discovered two things in the last 4 months. 1. How to get your wife (myself) out of a ... I don' t know if the right word is stress-funk and 2. How to get her back into it. I'll explain all of this in a minute.

So back in late May my husband had talked about going on his annual Chicago business trip. Which means he'll be gone for 3 or more days and it's ALWAYS over the course of a weekend. Now, he had mentioned this trip to me months before, but me being so used to him being on a plane just - admittedly not paid attention.

Lets fast-forward to the week before his trip. I am SWAAAMPED! Like, pulling my hair - orders flying out of here as quickly as they come in swamped! Last couple of weeks of school, piano/spanish lessons, running around kind-of-swamped...and I am not going to lie, within seconds of losing it. So at dinner one night McHubs mentions his upcoming trip to Chicago and I immediately blurted out "I'm going with you!" (I very much think it was the stress talking). I think I vaguely remember my mom, my kids and my husband looking at me like deers in the headlights after those words exited my mouth; but at that moment in time I did not care....the words came with ease. Ok, while that might be a "ok, so what" kind of thing for most normal people...I'm not sure if you know I'm NOT normal. Not normal in the sense that me saying I'm going on an airplane, with my husbands, sans kids and LEAVING them for a weekend - yeah that is NOT normal for me. It's SO not normal that I haven't done that EVER in the whole time I've been a mom. The thought of the whole airplane ride with no kids and just the husband literally sent me into anxiety mode and I just couldn't do it. So he of course (after the initial shock that those words would exit my mouth) jumps on board and is totally gun-ho about me going with him.

We figured out the logistics, I got over the overwhelming anxiety of leaving the kids and booked the trip. I was heading to Chi-Town with my boo! Sayonara kiddies! But wait...there's more. While at the airport, I thought it would be a good idea to have a preflight shot of tequila on an empty stomach while knowing we had been upgraded to first class. Yeah, lets just say the flight there wasn't "ideal" - this mama clearly can't handle alcohol like she used to on a flight. So, my husband wanted to dump me off the plane somewhere between Tallahassee and Atlanta. We finally made it to Chicago and we had a BLAST! The first morning I was already trying to fanagle myself onto his next business trip. Despite him working the whole time, I got to explore a city without diapers, feedings, and tantrums and IT ROCKED! I am in love with all things Chicago. But mostly the food! We ate, we drank and we (I) relaxed.

Oh and if you were wondering how to get your wife back in the stress funk...get her back to work, back to stinky diapers and constant cooking. While, I loved being back with the kids...I now know I needed the mental break. It was great spending time alone with my man, and spending time mostly alone with myself.

Now, who's up for a girls weekend away??