The Not-So-Lazy Days of Summer August 25 2014

So summer has finally come to and end, at least for this crew. My oldest started second grade last week. It's really hard to believe that 7.5 years have already gone by since I gave birth and my once-little girl isn't so little anymore. Totally bums me out to think that in the blink of an eye she will be off to high school (ok, lets not get ahead of ourselves).

Summer was quick. It literally felt like one minute we were thinking it would last forever (probably at the 1.5 month-in mark), and the next minute we were back-to-school shopping. Either way, despite it being busy we had a great time. We traveled, we lounged and yes, I admittedly despite telling myself I wasn't going to I WORKED - it's not a bad thing, it just happened for far more hours in a week than I would have liked. Either way, I know the littles had their GREAT days and their not-so-great-days.

I think the fam could agree that visiting family in NJ was a blast! We got to spend time outdoors, we ventured into NYC for a few nights and I even got to meet with fabric vendors and source product. I mean, it really doesn't get better than that. Going on our annual beach vacay came in at a close second as well.

Summer is no longer here and the bustle of routine has started. But, routine makes me happy. It puts me in a groove and it helps me get shit done!

So goodbye summer, until next year...

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