The Small Things...After Kids. April 08 2014

Isn't it funny that when you're little/young you never EVER notice the little things. I mean who wants to take a nap when they're 7 or who wants to sleep in or read a book on the couch all. day. long?? Not any 7 year old I know, and definitely not mine, that's for sure. Those are the small things when you're 33.  The little luxuries that just don't happen when kids come into your lives and completely take over.  Best full-blown infiltration nonetheless.

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As an adult, I yearn for those small things...daydream about them actually.  Every single weekend when I'm woken up waaaaay too early I wish how badly I could sleep in until 9:30...10...11.  Yeah, that doesn't even happen when you're on vacation.  Sad part about it, it probably wouldn't even happen if the kids WEREN'T on vacation with me.  It's funny how that happens.  It's like your circadian rhythms like to screw you out of sleeping in when you actually can.  Like, the ONLY time on the face of the Earth when that extra half-hour would make your day just gets completely jacked by the idea that your kids are going to come storming in asking for breakfast at the buttcrack-of-dawn!  And they're not even with you.  

Don't get me wrong, on the rare occasion an extra half hour of sleep is handed to me or breakfast is prepared by McHubs for the kids as I sit in bed and drink my morning coffee I am pretty much in heaven. Top that with the 5 minutes I sneak in the car when one of the kids falls asleep to sit in silence as I reply to emails, make a phone call or search The Google it's like Christmas came spontaneously. The small things.

As an adult, I no longer take the small things for granted.  I enjoy watching my son dive head first into a patch of strawberries and eat them straight from the ground. I love watching Kaiya's chocolate face as she enjoy a special chocolate fountain treat. Having Kaiya enjoy her dad for a week on Spring Break while we all venture out and go watch a Yankees Spring Training game. The small things.

I love those moments, listening to Max say new words and enjoying the laughter he and Kaiya share as brother and sister.  Before we know it, they're going to rather hang with their friends, be off to college, married and hopefully with LOTS of kids.  They'll one day appreciate those moments themselves and I cannot wait to partake in them with a totally new meaning and appreciation for them. The small a botoxed old lady.  Just kidding...sort of.