Monday Scoop: So Much More Than Panty Lines October 10 2016

Did you know that there is a HUGE percentage of us women wearing the wrong bra size? The peeps over at are saying it doesn't stop there...we're also wearing the wrong underwear size! Saaaaay what?? According to them, gauging whether you're truly wearing the wrong size undies is so much more than annoying panty lines.

Check out the full article below.


(read the full story by clicking here. 📷 cred: 

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy shopping for undies?

BE Blessed!




Losing My Religion July 30 2016 1 Comment

I'm excited for those of you who are joining us in our Faith & Fitness challenge starting August 1st! We are going to have a blast. Truth is, when it comes to feeding my body correctly I am all about it, but taking the time to workout is not necessarily my forte. I find it hard to fit time in to workout and if for any reason I get out of my groove I tend to put fitness on the side burner! Needless to say, I am so excited to have you all in with me to keep me accountable and so we can cheer each other on!!

Yay for accountability!!! 

But what has me even more excited is the "faith" part of this challenge! If you have never read a Jen Hatmaker book you are in for a treat! What I love about her is her down-to-earth approach to faith, being a lover of Jesus and how to shine your light and love towards other. Her approach makes sense to me, not to mention she is HYSTERICAL - and who are we kidding we can all use a little laughter in our life amiright? I'm not going to lie, in my mind Jen and I are BFFs! 

I love the idea of taking that same down to earth approach and applying it to a bible study- that is what I'm all about. You see, since February of 2015 I decided to read my Bible from Genesis to Revelations and I'm excited to learn how to dive into a specific book and explore more of God's word. I've never done that and I think moving forward it would just be nice to get deep into a study...the Bible is full of amazing teachings and lessons and stories.

I'm not sure if most of you are like me, but I didn't grow up in an environment where being in the word was a top priority not to mention even taught. I grew up believing all the lies of religion and because of that I never grew up having a genuine relationship with Jesus and cultivating that relationship and my faith.

My grandma, a devout Catholic tried to encourage church and sacraments, but none of what was being taught in Catholic mass on Sunday mornings truly stuck with me. Instead I felt unworthy of God's love any time I made a mistake or failed to make confession on Saturday. I grew up thinking God's love for me came with stipulations and if I ever came short of those exceptions there would be a disconnect between me and God, period.

When I was in my late teens I recall stepping in to Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California on a Monday night bible study and accepting Jesus Christ in my life. As life would have it, a few years after that day, I proceeded to live life in the world and the relationship I had planted in that church those years prior was put on the side burner and I began to live life thinking my ways were far better than His. 

If I am being completely honest, it wasn't until the end of 2014 that I finally decided to listen to the nudge I kept feeling for a few years prior. That's when I finally decided that enough was enough and I knew there was something extremely big missing in my life and that is when I realized I was missing my faith and my relationship with Jesus.

This is when I decided to redirect my path, head back to church and live my life with intention. What has transpired since I made that decision has been the cornerstone to the person I am this very minute. I find so much lightness in my heart and in my soul and I cannot imagine what life would be moving forward without this newfound relationship. I discovered that despite the fact that I've worked hard for the beautiful life I currently have, it wasn't until December of 2014 that my blindfold was removed and I realized how blind and lost I had been. 

Losing my religion has been the best part of my life since that day in 2014. My life is no longer led with the guilt I was brought up with and the lies that religion tried to feed me. I now get that my God loves me and that Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for my sins...and that even if I made a few bad choices along the way after that day in Costa Mesa that He loves me regardless and it doesn't matter that it took me this long to realize that. 

My life is different, my faith takes precedence, and my relationship with the awesome God I now know is my priority. I lost my religion and gained this beautiful relationship I never knew could exists. In losing my religion I was able to decipher His voice and be lead by His everlasting love in my life.


Doing this study with you all will now bring this new me to a full circle. I have been intentional about being in the word but now I look forward to learning with you guys how to dive deeper into His book.  If any of you have good tips, pointers and advice on how to dive into this study based on techniques you have used in the past to study your bible I would love to hear about it.

On the fitness front I am excited to blend this faith and fitness challenge and I cannot wait and see how we all come out of this challenge both physically and spiritually at the end of this whole process! It's scientifically proven that exercise not only has amazing benefits physically, but it has a tremendous positive effect on our mental state I think combining that with strengthening our faith muscles we will be forces to be reckoned with.  #Jesusgirls #faithandfitnesschallenge 

BE Blessed!




A Letter to My Son July 26 2016

Dear Max,

Wow! You are 4 today! Where did time go? I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you. I cried...a lot! Your dad and I were trying a little longer than usual for God to bless us with you, but when it happened I felt sad, scared and worried that we had gotten too used to just having your big sister, who at that point was pretty easy to manage. At that moment I felt incapable and unprepared to be a mom again...after so many years.

But now you are 4 and we couldn't be happier to have you in our lives. You came into this world as one of my best labors to date and the minute I saw your face I immediately knew I wanted another baby! Funny how that happens, I was totally convinced your sister would be my only child and you brought so much happiness into my world that I just knew you needed a younger sibling.

Max, you are a hoot! Every day you surprise us with your humor, your strong will and your loving and compassionate ways. You are a light to our days. Your daddy and I just can't get enough of you! It makes me sad to think you wont have a little brother to play ball with or grow up doing boy things with...but I'm certain Eve will soon enough be your little buddy.

Max, the prayers for you are that God speaks into your ear and guides you through this crazy life.  That you grow up knowing, loving and following Him and that you one day can be that wonderful example to your own kids. I pray you continue with all the wonderful characteristics that make you YOU, even when they make us totally crazy! I would not change one single thing about you.

I hope the result of your Batman Lego obsession will be that you've built crazy skyscrapers in Gotham or fight bad guys for a living. I hope you continue to be so passionate about spending time with your older sister the minute she walks into the door and that you have the all or nothing personality like your mama when you grow up.

Your tenacity and genuine personality is what I love the most about you! You tell it how you mean it, and allow no one to sway your ideas in another direction. Keep that up.

I am proud of you for the little boy you are and the man I know one day you'll be. I just feel it in my bones that you will do great things in life. I have always felt in awe of you even as a just have that "vibe" about you!

I love you to pieces and I love that today out of any day in the whole wide world, the eve of your 4th birthday, you said to me, "I love you mommy, you are my girl!" Words you have never spoken and said with so much love, my overly sappy momself melted in a puddle of love for you right then and there!

Happiest of Birthdays Max. The definition of your name: greatness could not be more true for you.

You are my sunshine.


Wake Up and Smell the Blessings! July 18 2016 1 Comment

Guess what today is?

Eve is officially one month old. I know where did time go, right?

So in the last month I can make an honest assessment that having 3 kids is a whole lot of fun and a ton more work. I guess it doesn't help that I have two big-ish kids home from school, needing their own attention and at times that can be a little overwhelming. But overall the timing couldn't be better. We needed a break from our school routine, I literally could not imagine getting two kiddos off to school on time plus feed, change and love on a baby all before 8 AM. God's timing is ALWAYS perfect - we needed his baby to be born in the summer.

Eve has been our best baby by far. Let's keep that between us mm-k? She cries very little, sleeps all day and is pretty freakin' cute if I may say so myself. Being a mom for the third time has had its ups and downs but I think I've officially gotten the swing of things and with a ton of prayers I'm finally starting to feel like I'm in a groove.

The first two weeks were hard...and not in the sleepless nights, mombie sort of way. But in the my boobs hurt, where is my milk....what is this yellow milk stuff that I keep pumping in VEEERY little amounts kinda way. Truth is my milk never came in... random, right? I mean what mom's milk doesn't came in after two weeks postpartum. This mom's, right here! Let me be real here and tell you the inadequacy that I felt knowing I wasn't able to provide my baby what God created us women to provide to them was HUGE! There was so much shame and feelings of depriving my child that I felt the enemy start using those feelings against me. You can imagine my frustration that each time I pumped all I got was less than 1/2 oz of colostrum, for two whole weeks. I tried teas, oils, cluster pumping - the whole enchilada! My silver lining is at least it was colostrum...which is pretty much the best of the best.

I remember the Thursday I was scheduled to get an ultrasound to see if by chance there were placental fragments left after delivery (did you know that if there is ANY placenta left in your body after delivery you do not produce milk??? Bananas right??? The body thinks it is still pregnant and will continue to produce colostrum...trippy stuff. Again God is just amazing) I sat in bed pumping. 20 minutes and a few drops of colostrum later in the small pumping bottles and I started sobbing...praying and asking God to take the desire away. If it wasn't in His plan for me to nurse or produce milk to remove the desire I had so bad in my heart and gut to be able to breastfeed my baby.

The boob envy was getting bad ya'll. I kept seeing moms that had recently commented about nursing or random pics pop up on Instagram with pictures of new blogger moms nursing their littles and I was literally jealous. I wanted that bond, I deserved that bond and I could feel anger creep in. After I cried (a lot), I started praying...and I started thanking God, for her. For her health, for her fingers and toes, nose and eyebrows and eyes that can see and ears that can hear. I started thanking God for giving me the natural labor I wanted and another quick recovery. An uncomplicated birth and the ability to see, hug and kiss my other two babies. I wept and I prayed and I thanked Him for blessing me. And asked him to forgive me for disregarding those blessings and getting caught up with the one little thing I was not able to accomplish over those last two weeks.

The day after my ultrasound, without conclusive answers to why my milk never came in I allowed God to remove my desire. I realized that giving my baby a bottle wasn't making me less of a mom. It wasn't what I wanted but I came to peace with myself and with God and I looked at my baby and thanked Him for her. For my beautiful family and my amazing husband and my tribe at the studio keeping the fort down while I loved on my kids. My tribe in the Facebook group that prayed for me and my friends and family around to help with my other two kiddos.

I realized I had forgotten to count my blessings, and when I finally did God showed up like He always does and wiped my tears and showed me the way to appreciate the gifts that I have been given, with new eyes and a new heart.
Because God is always faithful...and bottle feeding is nothing to be ashamed of.

BE Blessed!



Go Shorty, It's My Birthday!! January 11 2016 1 Comment

Birthdays. Some hate them, some love them, I welcome them every year.

34 was an amazing year for me personally. It was the year I did the most growing - in every sense of the word.

I couldn't be more excited for what 35 has in store. In fact, as I write this I'm reminded of the pitter patter I feel in my belly as the avocado (coined by my What to Expect When Expecting iPhone App.) growing inside me is doing somersaults.

And I can't belief that at 35 I'll be the creator of a new life. One God already knows every detail about and is privy to all that will happen in this baby avocado's life.

That blows my mind.

Twice this week - I read two separate posts about how each one of us is the only one of us on this whole planet.

And there will NEVER be another one of us ever again on this Earth.

It's amazing to rationalize THAT fact and not own the idea that God knew exactly what He was doing when He put me - US on this planet. Just the simple thought of us being us should be sufficient - we are MORE than enough and our existence has a purpose.

God knew my journey 35 years ago. He knew my every step, my every laugh, my every tear, my every heartache - before they even happened.

And today in this moment I am thankful for my journey thus far! Yeah even the heartache...the messy lessons, the bad decisions, the brokenness.

All those lessons have molded me little by little and these 35 years are just the beginnings.

We get bogged down with the idea we are "just" us and that we don't have much in the way of a message...but believe me when I tell you that if your story - no matter even if it has been filled with all fun and amazing experiences, sadness and tragedy, or difficulty and triumphs - touches just ONE person, it mattered!! 

You being here - perfectly and wonderfully made has more value and purpose and meaning than you can even begin to realize. 

Remember God made you in His image no matter what that looks like right now for you. 
He never makes mistakes no matter if you feel lost, alone, a failure - God's got you! 
Share your messiness...someone out there might need to hear that others are walking in their same journey.
It took me 34 years to realize how lost I was. But God knew I had to live those first 34 years the way I was in order for it to stick.
Thank God for that. 
I always loved the song Amazing Grace. I remember singing it with heart back in High School choir but now it make sense, now the lyrics speak to me and it took all but 21 years to simply get it.


His perfect plan is always on time.Happiest of Birthdays to me and thank you God for making just one or me.

I'm not sure the universe could handle another Colombian hot mess like me out there!!

With All My Love & Blessings!!



The Power of Prayer November 02 2015

It's November and the thought that this year is just about over blows my mind!! 2014 ended rough for me, like reeeeaaallly, really rough for me - I was broken. As soon as 2015 hit I made a commitment to myself that I was going to work hard to try and be better in all aspects of my life.

I remember sitting in my car in January with a friend talking about this and we made the commitment to each other that WE would be better. I was committed to going back to church, filling my soul with good friends and conversations, but more importantly 2015 for me has been filled with prayer! BIG INTENTIONAL prayers and I can now look back today - November 2nd, and I have seen God totally show up and answer many of those BIG prayers! Prayers so BIG you looking back at those request now, it would seem unimaginable that they could be answered. You see, God wants us to pray BIG, dream BIG and ask BIG. There is never a prayer to BIG for God and I am proof that those verses in The Bible aren't just there to fill up space.


Every step I took this year was in faith and trust me the bumps and derails on the road have thrown me for a loop - but I KNOW and trust so much what God is doing in my life that those bumps on the road just can't hold me down!! I have learned to see life through a different lens and I find myself being grateful for those situations in my past that have broken me.  Deep down I now understand that there is breakthrough after the breakdown - I didn't know that last December.

I have grown in so many ways, I am still a work in progress but I am so much happier because I made that commitment to myself and my family.

In church last week the message talked about how we get so caught up waiting for God to answer our specific prayers that we miss all the other miracles that are taking place and that He is making happen around us every single day.  Don't miss those miracles - being on this Earth today is a grateful and you will see how the simple things in life that we take for granted almost everyday are BIG amazing miracle and make such a big difference! 

With All My Love & Tons Blessings!



The Back To School Blues August 20 2015

You start to look at life through a different lens the minute you become a parent. When Kaiya was born 8 years ago, my life was forever changed. I became a different person immediately. The selfish side of me was amputated from my soul and I no longer longed for the things that were once important to me.  These days my longings are far different…I long for the precise recipe to raise well-rounded amazing kids.  The horror stories on the news of what mankind has the capacity of doing FREAKS ME OUT! I admittedly go through life not watching a lick of the news because I want to believe that the world is good and my kids and all their friends will be free of any of the horrificness that is out there.

It’s funny how a new school year starts brewing up this sense of melancholy in me that doesn’t quite happen when they hit any other milestone, even their birthdays. There is something about the shift your child makes the minute you send them off to school. The simple act of walking them to their class on their first day and watching them wave you off as they take their first tiny steps of independence. Those tiny steps cause an unwavering feeling of growth my heart can’t handle. For some reason it starts flashing visuals of sending them off to college and despite their age I worry those days will come too soon.  From what others tell me – they do.

As parents, it doesn't matter if your kids are a few days old or married with their own kids - you’re simply not prepared to detach and fully let them go. Now that the reality has set in that both my kids are going to start school, I'm mourning the idea of what my summer "could have" been. I start kicking myself thinking that I simply didn’t do enough with them this summer and that idea will haunt me forever. I'll begin to fight with the thought that I’ll never get this summer back and that I simply did not make enough memories.

This summer like most summers and every other season in between work takes its toll. It’s the nature of the beast and the reality of an entrepreneur. Being self-employed has its perks, mainly the one that I get to see my kids pretty much every single day. I get to partake in most of their school activities and I get to enjoy the small moments that some moms don’t get to because they are superheroes and leave their homes to work at offices or hospitals or schools, etc. Because I am making an attempt at being the best version of the mom I CAN be - I’m going to try something different. Instead of beating myself up and wishing I “would have” worked less and planned more I'll high-five myself for the things we DID manage to do this summer with them. We managed to surprise them on a Northeast vacation where they spent some of the most amazing time seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – and we got a really nice exhale, even mixed in adventurous days exploring NYC by land and sea.  We enjoyed all of the impromptu playdates, sleepovers, swimming, bowling outings, BBQs, dinners out, golf, baseball games, nights to the movies and just goofing around the house – plus Max’s 3rd birthday! Perhaps their summer wasn't jam packed with activities and they missed a trip to the beach this year, but my hope is the times their Dad and I made an attempt to do awesome things with them will be memorable and they'll realize how much we enjoyed every minute of it.  

New York CitySummer TimeBirthday BoyBuild a BearCheese Cake FactoryIce Cream Date

For now, I'll commence my back to school blues knowing full well routine and structure is what my littles thrive on most, but I’ll mostly miss the relaxed, not scheduled, rhythm of summer which is what I personally prefer. I'll continue to pray for God’s grace, wisdom and patience to stop beating myself up over my faults…and pray He shows me how to wake up each day eagerly trying to be a better version of the parent I was the day before. And before I know it, summer will be back in full swing and I’ll be able to do this all over again. Best of luck to my beautiful heroic mom friends and all other amazing moms out there who are sending their littles off to school, especially those who will be sending theirs to college. I’m rooting for you all the way to next summer!



The Year of Intentional Zen August 01 2015 1 Comment

I shared with a group of girlfriends that the word intention has held a resounding theme for me this year. I thought nothing of it when the word kept popping up repeatedly for days on end back in January- I chucked it up to a coincidence. When the word continued to show up, I realized there must be more to it. I claimed that word, OWNED it- and thus far my year has been built on intention.

You see, I realize that this year God put thatword in my heart for a reason. It took a hard loss late last year to know for a fact this word was what I needed in 2015. This word made me reflect on my many short-comings and I realized I'd been living life on the fly. Make no mistake about it- my life is busy, schedule filled, stressed, but still on the fly. Never reflective...just on autopilot. The various stages of contemplation and soul searching that came with the loss lead me to a different 2015. I found a version of a person I had been missing out on for 34 that was always there in spurts but never there all the time - on the fly.

In January I made it a point to join a bible study. I had my share of bible studies in my early days but never one like this one. This bible study has turned my world upside down (in so many amazing ways) and has shown me so many things- far too many to list (one day I will). I wake up every morning with intention. I read my bible, I journal, I pray...all that takes intention. I am in no way perfect or claiming superiority to the "old" Marcy, I just feel better - feel lighter. I recognize I am a work in progress, a hot mess and working towards a better me.

This intentional me has allowed me to live my life with purpose and gratitude. There is a zen that flows through my bones that I admittedly never felt. I know He's responsible for it! I'm intentional because I've taken the time to understand in this season of my life what I'm supposed to be. Its through being intentional I have allowed immense growth to take place in all aspects of my life.

When you let go and let God, life has a totally different meaning and you start expanding as a person in ways you never thought possible.




Lets Party- Happy Birthday Max! July 26 2015

It's insane to think that 3 whole years have passed since this day! It's funny how now, as a mom, time has a different way of "flying" by and we see each month pass by through the growth of our children. To think that 4.5 years from this date we were set on only having Kaiya. It wasn't that we never wanted more kids- Dan and I always talked about having 3. I’ll admit that if I were a much nicer and less psycho pregnant chick we’d probably have a soccer team. But truth of the matter is when we finally got past the first pregnancy, birth and all the adjustments that come with having a baby we got pretty comfortable with the idea of just having one kid to take care of.

Being a first-time mom was not easy for me.  When we had Kaiya we lived in Hoboken and had been married for a little less than a year (I know, bananas, we got pregnant real quick after we got hitched) and we were still working out the kinks of the move. I never adjusted to the frigid winters in NJ and summer wasn't any better in terms of weather…as a California girl I missed being outdoors, and I longed for beach days and time toting my kid around town outside.  When we eventually made the decision in 2008 to move to Florida I was stoked to kiss snow days goodbye. The one child comfort level grew and grew and before we knew it Kaiya was 2 then 3 in the blink of an eye. It wasn’t until my mother in law’s mom passed away and seeing her deal with pain as an only child we made the decision to have another baby! I knew I couldn’t let Kaiya go through that pain alone and I wanted her to share in those deep dark moments we humans have to face sometimes in our lives with someone that would truly get it alongside her- no one like your brother or sister can understand what that kind of pain feels like.

We decided to tell Kaiya she was going to be a sister on her 4th Birthday. She wasn’t thrilled to say the least but when the reality of her sibling coming into the picture grew as my overly protruding belly did she warmed up to the idea and started getting pretty excited. While pregnant with Max I felt so disconnected from that pregnancy. I worked my tail off up until the day I had him and gave birth to him exactly how I dreamed I would - quick and without drugs. The minute he was born I took hold of his slimy body, kissed him and told Dan I wanted another one.  

Max has been our challenge. His strength and resilience has been our struggle.  We know these characteristics will be the ones that will get him far in life when he's all grown but they have been the very ones that have made me want to check myself into the looney bin or just flat out ugly cry when it gets to be unbearable. What I love most about Max is that despite being so strong he is so compassionate.  He understands when he hurts others and takes the time to show them he feels awful – a characteristic that he's shown since he was about a year old.  That makes me proud. As a mom it makes me happy to know that he can’t be a total douche because he clearly has a heart, a combination that is going to clearly make girls go crazy over him when he’s older.

Max is a total “Team Dad” advocate and jumps on that team on every opportunity. He cracks us up with booty shaking and silliness. This kid has turned our world upside down, in so many good ways. He’s shown me that balance in family doesn’t totally start until you add another kid to the mix. You can never totally lose your mind when you have one even if you get pretty close to it. No two kids have the same personalities and there is no way you love both of your kids exactly the same way. I’ll own that. I adore both of my kids, I adore them both completely different. Max makes me work harder, makes me work towards being more patient, more understanding and less quick to anger. Its because of him I find myself repeating the first 6 words of 1 Corinthians 13:4 - love is patient, love is kind - and I especially make Kaiya repeat them when they are having a day of fighting with each other. He grows me and shows me understanding in ways I never saw possible. He’s intelligent and athletic and just so undeniably cute. I thank God for sending me a little boy that would make me try to be better, to do better and to reflect better. He helps me delight in things that I would take for granted and he shows me what being a complete family feels like. Thanks Max, and happy 3rd Birthday. I love you more than bacon….shake your bonbon, little dude. You melt my heart on the daily!




We Are Back! March 21 2015

Hello Everyone,

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to click on my blog...we are so happy you stopped by.

For all those that have been my supporters/clients/friends for the last 4 years I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!  It's because of all of you this website took place in the first place.  You see, for over two years I have been listening to your concerns about your current shopping experience/options, what's been lacking and what YOU need. I've taken very precise mental notes- and it was those mental notes that made all this come about.  
Since the inception of my women's line back in 2012, I knew deep in my heart I wanted to create clothing that empowered women...and I tied that philosophy to my girls apparel.  You see, empowerment has a different definition for everyone but always the same end result.  The end result can be as simple as feeling fantastic about yourself. That end result can be achieved simply by wearing clothes that make you feel so comfortable wearing them that you can go from a business lunch to a date with a group of girlfriends or your significant other, with the clothes transitioning seamlessly- and you will still feel empowered, beautiful and confident.  I enjoyed every single second I spent creating every article for each one of you.  You have privileged me with learning the beauty and uniqueness of women's bodies and how God made us so perfect regardless of our insecurities.

I have gathered all those measurements and through meticulous review created a collection of designs and patterns geared towards real women's bodies. The overall aesthetic and designs in all my wears are more geared towards a loose yet feminine fit.  I love classic modesty with a whole lot of style and chicness.  What you will find on this website is a collection of clothing with customization aspects on all items if you choose to do so. All articles will represent my Southern California upbringing as well as my love for cities I've traveled to throughout this beautiful country.  It's a cross between beach life and concrete jungles with the consistent focus on making women feel empowered through clothing that fit their bodies.
I also received a lot of feedback from women wanting ideas on how to put their Kaiya Designs together with things they currently had in their closet.  I went ahead and created boards to help open your imaginations on new ways of wearing our designs. It's about thinking outside the box at times and trying something new.  We hope you get inspired to pare our clothes with your wardrobe in ways you otherwise never would have thought of! 
Each collection has a limited quantity of each item because I strongly believe in two things: quality over quantity and reducing my carbon footprint. This isn't fast fashion...we design and create everything. We will continue to make all garments locally in hopes of boosting our local economy and we will also keep sourcing our fabrics and products with our wonderful vendors right here in the USA.

To all of you who are new, thanks for stopping by.  We look forward to creating clothing with so much love- you will feel our souls hugging you tight whenever you wear our designs. Same goes for all our lovely loyals.  Words can't express our appreciation.

P.S. To ensure you stay up to date with all that's happening please make sure you sign up to receive our newsletter.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  

She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. 
[Proverbs 31:25]

Hello & Happy 2012 January 16 2012

I've been so MIA it's not even funny anymore. I have to has been nuts. Well more like December was nuts. Orders were rollin in at an unbelievable speed, on top of school, graduation, Christmas...etc. etc. Life is great! I have to thank everyone for taking the time to stop on by and check out my stuff and support my venture...means a lot.

I'm trying to be better in 2012 about blogging. Hoping to get a few posts in a week with any free time I have. Also, there will be some fun changes coming to k.a.i-y.a and that's also very exciting yet time consuming! Stay tuned...these changes might not roll out until March or so. Anyway...I hope everyone had a fun, safe holiday season! Wishing all of you a blessed 2012!

Cyber Monday Discount November 28 2011

I know, I've been very MIA around here. Truth be told, I've been out of town and I have also been recovering veeeerrrrry slooooooowly from the yuckiness that came through our home.

Today, I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you know that over on my Facebook page I'm offering a great Cyber Monday discount on some of my most popular items! Check out the album and email me your orders. Remember all these dresses can and have been made in Christmas fabrics as well, if you are looking for a new Christmas outfit! So, check it out...and HAPPY SHOPPING!

Here is a look at some of the items that are at a discount.


Orders October 24 2011

For the past few weeks I have been swamped! I'm not complaining by any means, but it's been crazy! Everything always seems to get lumped together at once which makes it impossible to keep up with any one thing. My good friend a fellow sewer and neighbor always told me she makes tons of things but never has time to post them on her blog. Now, I can totally relate! I have been working my tail off with zero time to write a new post every single time I complete an order and sometimes taking pictures doesn't always happen. It bums me out because I would love to be able to photograph all my stuff so you can see what other types of things I put together. But it is what it is, and I'm sure once school is out I'll have more time to take pictures of my latest creations. One thing that I do miss are my days of long drawn out post! I like doing's therapeutic to me. But for now, I leave you with some pictures I was able to capture. 



Snack Bags September 01 2011

My snack bags have been a big's great that people are making an attempt to be more green. I guess now that the kids are going back to school and bagged lunches are becoming more common, these guys are really coming in handy. Snack bags are a great way to avoid having to purchase disposable sandwich bags in an effort to reduce the amount of waste being tossed into those landfills.

*putting my name over the embroidered name was my attempt at not disclosing the identity of the purchaser, especially since I didn't get their permission to post their name up* 
Did I mention I LOVE blue and orange....ya think?

These bags are easy to wash. Personally, I toss them in the washer on cold a few times a week and allow them to air dry. You can also wipe down the inside on a daily basis with regular soap and water (I use a vinegar/essential oil concoction that I love to use to disinfect).

These bags are a good convenient way to package a lunch/snack, not to mention they help out our environment. With all the hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters going on, I think mother nature NEEDS us to throw her a bone!



Hello, Orange and Blue Oh MY! August 31 2011

As mentioned before I love the colors turquoise and red together but I also LOVE orange and blue. There is something about those two colors that oozes a combo of fall and winter. I guess it's the obvious cool and warm color scheme but I don't know...something about that combination makes me ready for the cool weather that hopefully will come sooner rather than later. Perhaps it's because it has been HOT up in here!! I know the whole sleeveless/skirt combo doesn't "look" fall/winter, but guys...I live in the sunshine state...winter is SO unpredictable here that skirts and tanks are perfectly acceptable year-round.

While walking through a fabric store recently, this floral fabric immediately jumped in my face and screamed to be purchased. So, being the good "fabric-whisperer" that I am, I did just that. This fabric is so vibrant, and I was immediately in love with the color scheme. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it so I picked up the yellow and blue solids that are below the floral and went to town. I added some orange lace to the hem of top tier of the know, because I LOVE lace right now. These fabrics are soft and flowly and cotton.

The shirt I made from cotton knit. I embellished it with a ruffle made from the same cream fabric, and I also used the same lace on the trim of the skirt on the shirt to add a little pop of color.

And at the end of the all comes down to Miss K. She immediately started twirling around as she often does in these skirts...which made the outfit totally worth creating :)


One More Furniture Makeover August 25 2011

At our home for the past few weeks we have been doing some re-organization. Every semester before school starts, I get this sort of pre-semester "nesting" phase. My poor husband has to just sit and listen while I tell him the BIG plan I have for REorganizing our home...again. I have to say I scored when I married McHubs...he is ALWAYS willing to accommodate my bi-annual demands for fixing things around the house (while not trying to roll his eyes at me too least when I'm not looking)!

This semester was no different, I got a kick for moving rooms/things around my house and redoing my entire craft room and the Mr.'s office. This I will admit is a temporary move but even so I got excited and he jumped on board so there you have reason for yet another furnishing revamp. These pieces I bought for $25 a pop!

I recall sending one of my bfs a text one morning, asking her if I should get them (these pieces are HUGE, and I really didn't want to tell the Mr. to drive down and pick them up in our truck). The minute "Y" received the picture she responded "heck yeah" HAVE to get them." Twist my arm, sister...I pulled the tags off those puppies before someone else moved in on them! I sheepishly got home, batted my eyelashes at my husband, and asked him to go pick up a little something for me at the store! Two trips later these puppies were in my garage, and I was STOKED!!!

So I just spent the last few weeks off and on painting them. I have been working on a few projects for my daughters school, but my sewing A.D.D kicked in and I just had to stop and do some painting! Let's just say these two pieces left no painting momentum in me, and I'll probably go on a painting hiatus for a while (...or not!). I love the way they came out. I love the color! Now, I can use these to store all my sewing goodies. Maybe if I have any energy left I'll reveal in a later post the finished room.

Baby Gift Bundle August 23 2011

Babies are sprouting everywhere. I find myself talking to people that know of someone who is pregnant or just had a baby. I have a few friends that are currently pregnant or just had a baby. The funny thing is that most of these NEW mommies are having boys. Hubs and I laugh that IF and when we FINALLY decide to have another, we'll end up with another girl (not that I would mind because I love having my girl) but with all the boys being born in our midst it would be our "luck" to have another girl :) Because baby showers appear to be happening weekly, requests for cute homemade items are coming in. My cousin just suggested I make her something for a friend's baby and coincidently I already had something in the works.

I'm really into owls right fact, my daughters room is decorated with owls so I figured sticking with an owl theme would be fun and current.

The bib is made with 100% cotton chenille on one side and sandwiched with multiple layers of high absorbant 100% birdseye cotton (one of the most absorbant cottons out there). The owl applique is designed with multiple cotton pieces meticulously pieced together to add to the uniqueness of the design. This bib is durable and double sided.

Cost: $18

The Burp Cloth is made of 100% organic birdseye cotton and an appliqued owl was stitched onto the top layer of accent fabric.

Cost: $8

The changing pad is made with 100% chenille cotton on one side and brown and blue minky fabric on the other. The pocket could be used to store your baby wipes and diapers and it fully folds and fastens with a botton to fit a diaper bag. There is also an owl applique who's pieces were cut out individually and then pieced onto the changing pad.

Cost: $35

Now for my favorite item...the lovey blanket. These blankets are great baby soothers. The idea is that the babies mom is to sleep with this blanket for a few days before the baby is born and then to give this blanket to the baby to sooth him/her (because the mom's scent is on it). This blanket has an owl head and owl wings pieced onto the actual blanket. All pieces and details were cut individually and stitched separately to add to the uniqueness of the piece.It is made with both brown and blue minky fabric and is sooooo soft, I would keep it for myself to sleep with on those nights my hubs is out of town :)


All fabrics have been washed with dye/scent free detergent and preshrunk to ensure the shape and design of all items.

I can also have the child's name embroidered at $3 per item.

I will offer a bundle price of $75 plus $5 for the whole set to be embroidered.

Please email if you are interested in any of these items individually or as a bundle. I will also be making girls sets and a unisex set for those mamas who want to be surprised :)

Taking A Break...Well Not Really! August 05 2011

I decided last weekend to take a break from sewing. I'm helping a friend with some curtains for her school and I just needed to work on something else. I've been working more on painting these past few days and this is one of the projects I worked in between a few other things I have going on.

My entryway was in need of a serious makeover, needless to say I've been on a mission to find the perfect piece of furniture to replace my old entryway table and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I LOVE the way it came out!! I remain surprised at how my style/preferences have changed...I do love clean lines but funky/antique/vintage/rustic distressed touches are starting to be my look of choice for my home decor (for pretty much everything, actually). I'm sure there is a more official term for what I've described above...for now, I'll call it funky! I painted every piece in the pictures except for the sign and the books. The big frame was an old picture that I completely painted over, then I painted right over the glass with chalkboard paint. I'm waiting a few days for the chalkboard paint to settle in order to write a very 'welcoming' greeting right on it. I also went ahead and made some state stencils to add to the other two for California and one for New Jersey, the home states for me and my hubs (the pictures don't do it justice, maybe I'll post a close up later).


Birthday Request Part 1.0 August 03 2011

In a few weeks, a very special girl (my goddaughter) will be turning 5! When her mom called to ask me to make her the "ice cream scoop" skirt and "portrait shirt", I immediately jumped at the opportunity. When she mentioned that it was going to be Little Mermaid themed, I couldn't tell you how happy I was!! For one, it's pretty much one of THE best Disney movies (next to Beauty and the Beast) and when I think of The Little Mermaid, I think of turquoise and red (and we all know how much I love that combination)!! It's really hard to photograph outfits without the person they are made for wearing them. I couldn't exactly use my usual model so I worked with what I had.

Oh, wait?? Did I not mention my goddaughter had a little brother?? She sure does....and he is freaking ADORABLE. So there was NO way I wasn't going to make something for him as well. I think it's adorable when little brothers and sisters coordinate each other...especially on special occasions. So here is your first look at some of the things I'll be making for boys. The cargo shorts (Bermudas) have tons of details on them. They're top stitched throughout, have side pockets and a cargo pocket on the side. I decided to keep the elastic solely on the back to give it a more "grown-up" look.

The fabric combination for the shorts was used strictly to keep with the Little Mermaid theme. I will be posting other fabric combinations for these shorts in the next few days. If you do like this fabric combination, I can simply make some just like these.

I'll be posting pictures of these outfits once the birthday girl and her brother get them in California!



The Damask Play Dress July 30 2011

I find it interesting how my style is always evolving...not just for me but for my daughter and for the things I'm inspired to sew. I find that trying to recreate something for my daughter that I myself would love to wear is so much more exciting than whipping her up something that is very kid-like and just plain safe. However, there are times when I do enjoy seeing my daughter wear something I totally couldn't pull off...but that looks adorable on her. Lately I have been gravitating more towards a more 60's/70's type feel for her dresses. I try and incorporate that not only when I make the pattern, but when I think of the fabric. I'm very addicted to vintage patterns and find inspiration in pictures that are popping up everywhere online.

The dress top is a soft brown and cream cotton with a damask pattern. The top is fully lined, and the bottom is a soft pink voile cotton that allows for a flowy comfortable feel.

I think the awesome iphone app used on the last two pictures makes the outfit appear even more vintage...adding a nostalgic feeling to the overall look.

Cost: $50
Sizes: Infants-5T