Snack Bags September 01 2011

My snack bags have been a big's great that people are making an attempt to be more green. I guess now that the kids are going back to school and bagged lunches are becoming more common, these guys are really coming in handy. Snack bags are a great way to avoid having to purchase disposable sandwich bags in an effort to reduce the amount of waste being tossed into those landfills.

*putting my name over the embroidered name was my attempt at not disclosing the identity of the purchaser, especially since I didn't get their permission to post their name up* 
Did I mention I LOVE blue and orange....ya think?

These bags are easy to wash. Personally, I toss them in the washer on cold a few times a week and allow them to air dry. You can also wipe down the inside on a daily basis with regular soap and water (I use a vinegar/essential oil concoction that I love to use to disinfect).

These bags are a good convenient way to package a lunch/snack, not to mention they help out our environment. With all the hurricanes, earthquakes and natural disasters going on, I think mother nature NEEDS us to throw her a bone!