Hello, Orange and Blue Oh MY! August 31 2011

As mentioned before I love the colors turquoise and red together but I also LOVE orange and blue. There is something about those two colors that oozes a combo of fall and winter. I guess it's the obvious cool and warm color scheme but I don't know...something about that combination makes me ready for the cool weather that hopefully will come sooner rather than later. Perhaps it's because it has been HOT up in here!! I know the whole sleeveless/skirt combo doesn't "look" fall/winter, but guys...I live in the sunshine state...winter is SO unpredictable here that skirts and tanks are perfectly acceptable year-round.

While walking through a fabric store recently, this floral fabric immediately jumped in my face and screamed to be purchased. So, being the good "fabric-whisperer" that I am, I did just that. This fabric is so vibrant, and I was immediately in love with the color scheme. I knew right away what I wanted to do with it so I picked up the yellow and blue solids that are below the floral and went to town. I added some orange lace to the hem of top tier of the skirt...you know, because I LOVE lace right now. These fabrics are soft and flowly and cotton.

The shirt I made from cotton knit. I embellished it with a ruffle made from the same cream fabric, and I also used the same lace on the trim of the skirt on the shirt to add a little pop of color.

And at the end of the day...it all comes down to Miss K. She immediately started twirling around as she often does in these skirts...which made the outfit totally worth creating :)