One More Furniture Makeover August 25 2011

At our home for the past few weeks we have been doing some re-organization. Every semester before school starts, I get this sort of pre-semester "nesting" phase. My poor husband has to just sit and listen while I tell him the BIG plan I have for REorganizing our home...again. I have to say I scored when I married McHubs...he is ALWAYS willing to accommodate my bi-annual demands for fixing things around the house (while not trying to roll his eyes at me too least when I'm not looking)!

This semester was no different, I got a kick for moving rooms/things around my house and redoing my entire craft room and the Mr.'s office. This I will admit is a temporary move but even so I got excited and he jumped on board so there you have reason for yet another furnishing revamp. These pieces I bought for $25 a pop!

I recall sending one of my bfs a text one morning, asking her if I should get them (these pieces are HUGE, and I really didn't want to tell the Mr. to drive down and pick them up in our truck). The minute "Y" received the picture she responded "heck yeah" HAVE to get them." Twist my arm, sister...I pulled the tags off those puppies before someone else moved in on them! I sheepishly got home, batted my eyelashes at my husband, and asked him to go pick up a little something for me at the store! Two trips later these puppies were in my garage, and I was STOKED!!!

So I just spent the last few weeks off and on painting them. I have been working on a few projects for my daughters school, but my sewing A.D.D kicked in and I just had to stop and do some painting! Let's just say these two pieces left no painting momentum in me, and I'll probably go on a painting hiatus for a while (...or not!). I love the way they came out. I love the color! Now, I can use these to store all my sewing goodies. Maybe if I have any energy left I'll reveal in a later post the finished room.