Birthday Request Part 1.0 August 03 2011

In a few weeks, a very special girl (my goddaughter) will be turning 5! When her mom called to ask me to make her the "ice cream scoop" skirt and "portrait shirt", I immediately jumped at the opportunity. When she mentioned that it was going to be Little Mermaid themed, I couldn't tell you how happy I was!! For one, it's pretty much one of THE best Disney movies (next to Beauty and the Beast) and when I think of The Little Mermaid, I think of turquoise and red (and we all know how much I love that combination)!! It's really hard to photograph outfits without the person they are made for wearing them. I couldn't exactly use my usual model so I worked with what I had.

Oh, wait?? Did I not mention my goddaughter had a little brother?? She sure does....and he is freaking ADORABLE. So there was NO way I wasn't going to make something for him as well. I think it's adorable when little brothers and sisters coordinate each other...especially on special occasions. So here is your first look at some of the things I'll be making for boys. The cargo shorts (Bermudas) have tons of details on them. They're top stitched throughout, have side pockets and a cargo pocket on the side. I decided to keep the elastic solely on the back to give it a more "grown-up" look.

The fabric combination for the shorts was used strictly to keep with the Little Mermaid theme. I will be posting other fabric combinations for these shorts in the next few days. If you do like this fabric combination, I can simply make some just like these.

I'll be posting pictures of these outfits once the birthday girl and her brother get them in California!