Taking A Break...Well Not Really! August 05 2011

I decided last weekend to take a break from sewing. I'm helping a friend with some curtains for her school and I just needed to work on something else. I've been working more on painting these past few days and this is one of the projects I worked in between a few other things I have going on.

My entryway was in need of a serious makeover, needless to say I've been on a mission to find the perfect piece of furniture to replace my old entryway table and this is EXACTLY what I was looking for! I LOVE the way it came out!! I remain surprised at how my style/preferences have changed...I do love clean lines but funky/antique/vintage/rustic distressed touches are starting to be my look of choice for my home decor (for pretty much everything, actually). I'm sure there is a more official term for what I've described above...for now, I'll call it funky! I painted every piece in the pictures except for the sign and the books. The big frame was an old picture that I completely painted over, then I painted right over the glass with chalkboard paint. I'm waiting a few days for the chalkboard paint to settle in order to write a very 'welcoming' greeting right on it. I also went ahead and made some state stencils to add to the other two frames...one for California and one for New Jersey, the home states for me and my hubs (the pictures don't do it justice, maybe I'll post a close up later).