The Damask Play Dress July 30 2011

I find it interesting how my style is always evolving...not just for me but for my daughter and for the things I'm inspired to sew. I find that trying to recreate something for my daughter that I myself would love to wear is so much more exciting than whipping her up something that is very kid-like and just plain safe. However, there are times when I do enjoy seeing my daughter wear something I totally couldn't pull off...but that looks adorable on her. Lately I have been gravitating more towards a more 60's/70's type feel for her dresses. I try and incorporate that not only when I make the pattern, but when I think of the fabric. I'm very addicted to vintage patterns and find inspiration in pictures that are popping up everywhere online.

The dress top is a soft brown and cream cotton with a damask pattern. The top is fully lined, and the bottom is a soft pink voile cotton that allows for a flowy comfortable feel.

I think the awesome iphone app used on the last two pictures makes the outfit appear even more vintage...adding a nostalgic feeling to the overall look.

Cost: $50
Sizes: Infants-5T