We Are Back! March 21 2015

Hello Everyone,

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to click on my blog...we are so happy you stopped by.

For all those that have been my supporters/clients/friends for the last 4 years I want to start off by saying THANK YOU!  It's because of all of you this website took place in the first place.  You see, for over two years I have been listening to your concerns about your current shopping experience/options, what's been lacking and what YOU need. I've taken very precise mental notes- and it was those mental notes that made all this come about.  
Since the inception of my women's line back in 2012, I knew deep in my heart I wanted to create clothing that empowered women...and I tied that philosophy to my girls apparel.  You see, empowerment has a different definition for everyone but always the same end result.  The end result can be as simple as feeling fantastic about yourself. That end result can be achieved simply by wearing clothes that make you feel so comfortable wearing them that you can go from a business lunch to a date with a group of girlfriends or your significant other, with the clothes transitioning seamlessly- and you will still feel empowered, beautiful and confident.  I enjoyed every single second I spent creating every article for each one of you.  You have privileged me with learning the beauty and uniqueness of women's bodies and how God made us so perfect regardless of our insecurities.

I have gathered all those measurements and through meticulous review created a collection of designs and patterns geared towards real women's bodies. The overall aesthetic and designs in all my wears are more geared towards a loose yet feminine fit.  I love classic modesty with a whole lot of style and chicness.  What you will find on this website is a collection of clothing with customization aspects on all items if you choose to do so. All articles will represent my Southern California upbringing as well as my love for cities I've traveled to throughout this beautiful country.  It's a cross between beach life and concrete jungles with the consistent focus on making women feel empowered through clothing that fit their bodies.
I also received a lot of feedback from women wanting ideas on how to put their Kaiya Designs together with things they currently had in their closet.  I went ahead and created boards to help open your imaginations on new ways of wearing our designs. It's about thinking outside the box at times and trying something new.  We hope you get inspired to pare our clothes with your wardrobe in ways you otherwise never would have thought of! 
Each collection has a limited quantity of each item because I strongly believe in two things: quality over quantity and reducing my carbon footprint. This isn't fast fashion...we design and create everything. We will continue to make all garments locally in hopes of boosting our local economy and we will also keep sourcing our fabrics and products with our wonderful vendors right here in the USA.

To all of you who are new, thanks for stopping by.  We look forward to creating clothing with so much love- you will feel our souls hugging you tight whenever you wear our designs. Same goes for all our lovely loyals.  Words can't express our appreciation.

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She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. 
[Proverbs 31:25]