The Year of Intentional Zen August 01 2015 1 Comment

I shared with a group of girlfriends that the word intention has held a resounding theme for me this year. I thought nothing of it when the word kept popping up repeatedly for days on end back in January- I chucked it up to a coincidence. When the word continued to show up, I realized there must be more to it. I claimed that word, OWNED it- and thus far my year has been built on intention.

You see, I realize that this year God put thatword in my heart for a reason. It took a hard loss late last year to know for a fact this word was what I needed in 2015. This word made me reflect on my many short-comings and I realized I'd been living life on the fly. Make no mistake about it- my life is busy, schedule filled, stressed, but still on the fly. Never reflective...just on autopilot. The various stages of contemplation and soul searching that came with the loss lead me to a different 2015. I found a version of a person I had been missing out on for 34 that was always there in spurts but never there all the time - on the fly.

In January I made it a point to join a bible study. I had my share of bible studies in my early days but never one like this one. This bible study has turned my world upside down (in so many amazing ways) and has shown me so many things- far too many to list (one day I will). I wake up every morning with intention. I read my bible, I journal, I pray...all that takes intention. I am in no way perfect or claiming superiority to the "old" Marcy, I just feel better - feel lighter. I recognize I am a work in progress, a hot mess and working towards a better me.

This intentional me has allowed me to live my life with purpose and gratitude. There is a zen that flows through my bones that I admittedly never felt. I know He's responsible for it! I'm intentional because I've taken the time to understand in this season of my life what I'm supposed to be. Its through being intentional I have allowed immense growth to take place in all aspects of my life.

When you let go and let God, life has a totally different meaning and you start expanding as a person in ways you never thought possible.