Go Shorty, It's My Birthday!! January 11 2016 1 Comment

Birthdays. Some hate them, some love them, I welcome them every year.

34 was an amazing year for me personally. It was the year I did the most growing - in every sense of the word.

I couldn't be more excited for what 35 has in store. In fact, as I write this I'm reminded of the pitter patter I feel in my belly as the avocado (coined by my What to Expect When Expecting iPhone App.) growing inside me is doing somersaults.

And I can't belief that at 35 I'll be the creator of a new life. One God already knows every detail about and is privy to all that will happen in this baby avocado's life.

That blows my mind.

Twice this week - I read two separate posts about how each one of us is the only one of us on this whole planet.

And there will NEVER be another one of us ever again on this Earth.

It's amazing to rationalize THAT fact and not own the idea that God knew exactly what He was doing when He put me - US on this planet. Just the simple thought of us being us should be sufficient - we are MORE than enough and our existence has a purpose.

God knew my journey 35 years ago. He knew my every step, my every laugh, my every tear, my every heartache - before they even happened.

And today in this moment I am thankful for my journey thus far! Yeah even the heartache...the messy lessons, the bad decisions, the brokenness.

All those lessons have molded me little by little and these 35 years are just the beginnings.

We get bogged down with the idea we are "just" us and that we don't have much in the way of a message...but believe me when I tell you that if your story - no matter even if it has been filled with all fun and amazing experiences, sadness and tragedy, or difficulty and triumphs - touches just ONE person, it mattered!! 

You being here - perfectly and wonderfully made has more value and purpose and meaning than you can even begin to realize. 

Remember God made you in His image no matter what that looks like right now for you. 
He never makes mistakes no matter if you feel lost, alone, a failure - God's got you! 
Share your messiness...someone out there might need to hear that others are walking in their same journey.
It took me 34 years to realize how lost I was. But God knew I had to live those first 34 years the way I was in order for it to stick.
Thank God for that. 
I always loved the song Amazing Grace. I remember singing it with heart back in High School choir but now it make sense, now the lyrics speak to me and it took all but 21 years to simply get it.


His perfect plan is always on time.Happiest of Birthdays to me and thank you God for making just one or me.

I'm not sure the universe could handle another Colombian hot mess like me out there!!

With All My Love & Blessings!!