Wife to Justin. Mommy to Sadie and Owen. Daughter, Sister, Cousin, Neighbor, Friend. Proud FSU alumni. Labor & Delivery RN for the past 12 years at one of the busiest Women’s Hospitals, taking care of others day after day. But Me....

Unbelievably grateful to be able to primarily stay at home, be always available for the kids and all of their activities, but I had lost a part of Me. A rut of sorts. The daily grind. Until last October when I decided to step outside of my box, risk failure and dream for the grand possibilities, which came in the form of my own small business with Rodan+Fields. 

Soon after I started my R+F journey, I started cultivating a real passion for supporting other women and their dreams. Amazed by how that support can fuel you to do better, I knew there was more in store. I have some incredible consultants on my team and a growing team of my own. Friends from childhood and sorority sisters. Some women come into your life and stick around thru thick and thin. I have them, cherish them and love them hard. But women supporting women isn’t easy, let’s be honest. Insert Marcy.

Marcy is an entrepreneur of her own with an amazing local clothing line called Kaiya Designs. Gorgeous, bold, custom-tailored threads as comfortable as my preferred mom-uniform of yoga pants, but strikingly beautiful. Compliments anywhere I go. And Marcy herself....it is impossible not to smile and feel loved when I’m around her. How can a “new friend” be so accepting and welcoming. She just gets it - she’s already part of my Tribe. 

Soon before my first R+F Convention, Marcy asked me to be a Brand Ambassador for Kaiya Designs. Be a part of an opportunity to give back to the community. Be a part of a Movement. Then, when the mantra at Convention was “Power to Empower,” I knew it was a perfect fit. 

As I said the other day, the ability to give back is so meaningful. To share and instill that in my children is essential. The holiday Metropolitan Ministries food tent, a family in need of gifts under the tree, donating birthday toys to SJCH to bring a smile to a sick child - all things we have done as a family. But now, thru my KD Movement, I can do more. A portion of every clothing item that will hang in your closet will also give back to Tampa Bay. 

So, not only will I be your R+F girl, but now I will help you feel good about the skin you’re in through Kaiya Designs and the Movement for KD Community Fund! ❌⭕️