Hi! My name is Kristen and my Kaiya Designs Movement will be supporting women and families who are dealing with addiction, specifically addiction to alcohol or drugs. Although I may seem like an unlikely champion for this cause, I like to think of this as a movement that chose me, or probably more accurately, the movement that God chose for me. 

Addiction is a disease that does not just affect the addict. It affects their whole family. It is similar to other medical diseases but unlike some other diseases, the addict is often told they could get better if they wanted to. It is something that is often hidden and secretive and full of guilt and shame. It often involves lies and manipulation and hurt. It is feelings of joy and hope followed by relapse and despair. It is wanting to help the addict but also feeling completely helpless. It is watching someone you love change and possibly lose everything they love. Despite all the hurt, there is always this underlying hope that they will get better. That they can and will overcome the addiction. That you will get your mom/dad, sister/brother, daughter/son, friend, etc, back. 

So many of us go through this alone. If not personally affected by addiction, we have had a close friend or family member who has struggled or is struggling with it. I am happy to talk with anyone who may want to talk more in person or connect through phone, text or email. 

I know there are many wonderful rehab programs and sober living programs that need support. I have chosen my initial donation to go to the Salvation Army. They offer a free residential treatment program for those who have lost everything. For those who have lost their jobs, health insurance, perhaps their homes, who have no money and nowhere else to go. I would like to start there. And I’d love it if you’d help me in giving back.