I am, first and foremost, a daughter of God, and a follower of Jesus Christ! I am also blessed to be a  mom of one amazing boy, a wife to an incredible man with a servant’s heart, and an Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist of 24 years. My career choice a mission field, where injured people who have sustained often devastating losses, come to heal.  This feeds my soul every day. I have also, all of my life, had a special heart-tug for children. The children in my life, my son, my nieces and nephews both by blood and by friendship, bring inexplicable joy to my life. My family and  friendships are deeply treasured.
Years ago, when I met Marcy, I felt an instant connection to her heart, her mission, and her art.  I quickly became loyal customer and friend, feeling so connected to the bigger picture of Kaiya Designs, the community, the encouragement, and the service.  The feel and fit of the clothing changed my self-image and physical comfort dramatically.  I wanted other women to know this same feeling, and began sharing with everyone I encountered.  It has been a joyful experience to watch a loyal following of women grow into a large and supportive community through word of mouth, love for the clothing line, and love for God and people. That is not a business, it is a mission, and it has only just begun. READ MORE---->
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