Two year ago I had this crazy idea. I wanted to give women an opportunity to change their lives and the lives of the people they were in contact with. This idea was centered on empowering the women who were already purchasing Kaiya Designs and telling everyone that stopped them on the streets to ask about their clothes everything they already LOVED about the brand. These amazing women were already the brand’s best advocates and it was because of them that the brand started growing across cities, states and countries. I had already gotten great feedback on an ambassador/rep program from these very women and I used every minute of free time to dream about what I wanted that program to look like, because one thing was true - I wanted it to be totally different. After many long nights, strategy session and tears it wasn't until I was alone at my desk with a whiteboard and marker that the final piece to this puzzle came together!  I wrote the word MOVEMENT and it all came into place!

I realized that what set my soul on fire and what kept me going in this business was giving back to my community, to causes near and dear to my heart and pouring into women. It was in that moment that I wanted to recreate the same feeling for other women! I wanted to fan the flames of the same women that were on fire for the Kaiya Designs brand - and empower them to create big change in their homes and communities! These Movements are causes or organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. Some of these Movements tie directly to their own personal stories, while others are causes that play into some of the most impactful moments in their lives.  This program is designed to be a part of the change we want to see in the world.  It’s about knowing that change isn’t done by one person or one action, it’s a snowball effect with each effort creating something bigger and bigger and BIGGER!

These movements are for women that love fashion but also want to make a difference.  Think of Toms shoes or Warby Parker - many companies are about giving back and making an impact - that is the purpose of the Movement. I want it to be personalized, with stories actual women lived through themselves or through those closest to them. I want this program to be just as amazing as some of my most favorite brands that have a rep/consultant program attached to their business model, think Stella & Dot, Rodan + Fields and LipSence to name a few. These companies are changing the lives of their reps and creating freedom in ways those people never imagined.  That is what this Movement is all about.  Creating a circle of change that expands and brings positivity and support to a range of issues affecting our world today - because we are all in this together.  



Clothes that feel good.