Karen Pants - Warrior

$ 125.00

Kaiya Designs is passionate about creating the change we want to see in the world. We are doing this by allowing our sales reps to create movements across our communities. Our reps who are also loyal Kaiya Designs customers are choosing local non-profit organizations and we will donate $11.11 of each item ordered through our website and/or boutique to those causes. If you want to partner with our Reps and join their movement select a cause below and make sure you read their bios and stories to learn more about how your purchase is making an impact!
Say goodbye to your favorite yoga pants and say HELLO to our gorgeous Karen pants!  Our Karen pants are our #1 selling item 5 years running! They are effortless, stylish but most importantly comfortable and put together! They will quickly become your everyday staple - they are THAT comfortable! Rock them with booties or flip flops you can wear these pans year round.